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My mother has MS, but they think I have Lupus

My mother was diagnosed at 52 with MS, and none of the treatments seem to be helping. She started getting sick around 45 and was constantly coming down with pneumonia. Recently, I have noticed joint pain and went to my general practitioner. When I mentioned cold hands with a tingling/numb sensation, sharp chest pains when I breath in, as well as multiple joint pain, she suggested it could be Lupus, arthritis, or Raynard's. After looking up all three, lupus fits my symptoms best since belching, mouth ulcers, and irregular periods arose about five years ago. My question is, could I have MS, or could my mom actually have been misdiagnosed, and have Lupus?
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Other than tingling in your hands, your symptoms don't sound like MS.  As for your mum, yes it's possible she was misdiagnosed as Lupus and MS have many overlapping symptoms.  That said, there's not enough info here to even make a guess.  You do mention pneumonia, which is not a symptom or complication of MS as far as I know.
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Some people with (I think more advanced) ms get what's called "aspiration pneumonia".  It comes from swallowing difficulties.

Another reason for pneumonia is acid reflux, believe it or not.  That's what happens to me.  The acid has actually gotten into my lungs (? how was never thoroughly explained), and so my lungs are scarred up- and more likely to become infected.

This can be a GI problem, or can be related to MS, because everything is connected to your brain and spinal cord.  

Still, not everyone who has MS will have problems with frequent pneumonia.

There's no real need to worry about the specifics right now though- even though it feels like it's urgent.  All of the diseases you mention are autoimmune, and run a long course.  There is time to figure it out...  Just stick with it, get the necessary tests done.  If you feel you aren't getting the care you need, keep looking for the right doctor.  

It's not easy to diagnose MS or Lupus.  I'm not sure about Raynaud's or RA.  They basically have to fit a puzzle together-using test results, clinical exams, patient histories- etc.  It takes time.  

Keep us posted, okay?


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