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My recent test results

I just got my results from my lumbar puncture.  I am not quite sure what to think about them.  Here is what it says.
The patients CSF contains 2 well defined gamma restriction bands that are not present in the patient's corresponding serum sample. These bands indicate abnormal synthesis of gammaglobulins in the central nervous system. This finding is supportive evidence of multiple sclerosis, but should be interpreted in conjunction with all clinical and laboratory data pertaining to this patient. The clinical significance of a numerical band count, determined by Isoelectric Focusing, has not been definitively defined. The data should be interpreted in conjunction with all pertinent clinical and laboratory data for this patient.
From quest diagnostics

Any input would be greatly appreciated.  I was doing some online research and I really don't know what to think of these results.  I have had negative mri in past but showed in cervical spine mri just done I had straightening of the normal cervical lordosis, mild loss of t2 disc signal and height at the cervical levels , compatible with disc desiccated. Early cervical spongy Louis with  degenerative  disc disease. No significant central canal or neural foramen all stenosis at any  level..
What basically does this mean
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Hi and welcome,

The LP has found 2 Obands (Oligoclonal bands) that is unique to your spinal fluid, 2+ unique Obands is suggestive/consistent with a diagnosis of MS 'but' the presence of Obands are not specific to MS!

Obands are found in a variety of inflammatory and infectious CNS disorders, including paraneoplastic disorders, CNS lupus, neurosarcoidosis, and Behçet’s disease etc, with the majority of cases in which Obands are seen with infectious.

"The data should be interpreted in conjunction with all pertinent clinical and laboratory data for this patient. " and with regards to a diagnosis of MS that would mean your brain and or spinal MRI's had more significantly additionally found demyelinating brain and or spinal cord lesions.

IF there is no other suggestive/consistent MS diagnostic evidence, a neurological condition like MS would not be at the top of your potential causation list...

You mention your spinal MRI results, which for someone of your age is not typical but it's indicating there is a structural spinal issue going on, and is suggesting the potential of early cervical spongy Louis with degenerative disc disease.

Hope that helps......JJ
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