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My symptoms

Hi All~
I wanted to see if anyone else has symptoms similar to mine and see if they have gotten any diagnosis other than Fibromyalgia.
All over pain ~ some days worse than others ~ from fingers to toes ~ everywhere..
Extreme dry eyes ~ had test at eye doctor and he said it was severe.
Extreme dry mouth.
EXTREME anxiety. I can make myself have a panic attack and faint pretty much on cue.
Numbness and tingling in hands ~ especially at night.
On and off heat sensations in left thigh area.
Urinary and menstrual problems.
I am 41 and the pain started in my hands around age 35 and gets progressively worse each year.
Does anyone else feel this way?
~ thank you!
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Hello and Welcome

I have Fibro and MS. My biggest complaint is pain and fatigue.  The pain is more Fibro than MS-like.
1.  Pain all over - Yes.
2. Extreme dry eyes and mouth - No.  Did your eye doctor give you any insight as to the cause of your dry eyes?  Have you been tested for Sjogrens?

Have you had your thyroid levels checked?  And screened for arthritis/osteoarthritis?  This was part of my work up for Fibro along with LOT's of other tests including hormones.  

Are you under the care of a rheumatologists?  In my opinion, only a rheumy has the expertise to make a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.
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My eye doctor said it is definitely sjogren's and that even though my bloodtest didn't show anything, he said my eyes were so dry that he can confirm. My rheumy is so uninterested that he just shrugged. Which is why I am switching doctors. My thyroid was fine and all neg for arthritis. I know It's fibromyalgia, but am just wondering if there is something I am missing. I can barely work anymore and don't have the energy most days to see friends, etc.
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Hellodian did you get any better? What is your treatment plan entail. I think I have sjorens and so does my eye doctor I feel like the doctors try to say nerves
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Hi CL- Welcome to our group.

THis is an old thread and many of the original posters no longer visit. Hellodian hasn't been here in nearly 4 years.

WHy not "Post a Question" via the link up top. You can introduce yourself and tell us a little about what's going on with you. We're a friendly bunch :-)

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