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My time off for therapy

My two days therapy involved speaking with a speech specialist , speaking with a occupational therapist, and working with a physical therapist.

The speech therapist gave me tests to check on my cognitive skills.  We found I had memory issues but determined they were tied to how I was feeling day to day.  I saw her on Wednesday and had difficulties with some of her testing.  She spoke with me on Thursday with some issues she thought she could help me with but decided I was already taking proper actions to live with my issues.   She was further troubled to find out that I could not remember what activities that were involved with my time on Wednesday with my occupational therapist.  With mild prompting I was able to recall most of what went in that session though.

The occupational therapist tested my fine motor skills and my vision.  She determined that my vision though severely compromised was okay for driving.  Seeing as I drive out of Detroit most every week day, I am happy she thinks I am okay to drive.  After all her testing of my fine motor skills she determined that there are no therapies worthwhile for me to start doing other than to keep playing whiffle ball with my sons, typing everyday at work and to keep doing everything I need to do to get by.  She says it is important to keep doing as the old adage of “use it or loose it” seems to be my best move at this point.  She said to use my left hand as much as possible and is practical.  Based on her testing of vision she is quite amazed that I can even come close to hitting a whiffle ball.

My physical therapist is the only therapist I will keep seeing for now.  She has given me orders to increase my endurance and to do plenty of strength and flexibility exercise tied to problems most folks with MS face.

All three of my therapist expressed that they were impressed that I am some how able to keep going with my job.  The vision issues and the struggle to keep up when considering my memory is failing and fatigue issues seem rather daunting.  They noticed the holes in my ability to recall information.  But, thought that my techniques for getting by were more than they could begin to offer some advice.  Necessity is the mother of invention I suppose.

I am glad I went to the therapy sessions.  Though in the end I was told to keep doing what I am already doing it is nice to know I am doing my best.  Besides, I needed to take time of work to relax.
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There only suggestions are to take copious notes.  But, we agreed my way of putting these issues on my customers asking them to send emails seems to work best for most situations.

No, there is nothing they can suggest to get memories back.
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Hey McB,

Glad you did this.  I hope things improve for you.  This should serve as a good baseline huh? Did they think the memory holes could be filled in? And, did they have any suggestions for that?

thanks for the update, I'm sure it was an interesting 2 days
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