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My trip to Florida; the good, the bad, the muggy....

Hi all, I made it alive, though we didn't get settled into a room until 2 am Sunday.

Saturday we arrived at the Portland Airport early enough to have a leisurely breakfast.  We went to check our bags; I reached for my boarding pass, and realized that we hadn't loaded my carry-on bag, with my medications, boarding pass, phone charger, other important stuff.  After a moment of panic, my roommate checked our bags under her name, then caught a cab to the Park-N-Fly, got in the car, and made the over hour round trip to get my bag.

She got back in plenty of time for us to get through security and for her to down a latte, then boarded the plane.  It wasn't full, so we had all three seats to ourselves.  Changed planes in Phoenix, and had a nice lady sit on the aisle seat with her husband across and back a row.  We had great conversation, lots of laughs.

The Hertz car place was quite a shuttle ride from the airport, and then when we finally got to the Mazda, it turned out to be a Mustang, which didn't fit both of us and all of our luggage.  It took a while to change to a nice Saturn sedan, but everything fit and the car drove nicely.  It's not easy to read a Mapquest after midnight....

When we got to the hotel, it was still hot and muggy.  The first room we went to had not been totally cleaned, so we had to go back to the front desk  and they searched until they found a room; free upgrade to a "pool view".  Actually quite nice, if a bit cramped.  Have to pay and extra $15 a day for a tiny fridge; oh well.

Sunday my roomate had to get up at 7am for a meeting, then texted me at 10,said she was bored and exhausted, so I got up and showered.  We went to lunch then a Publix grocery for bottled water (I paid $3 here for a small bottle here) and some yogurt, cut fresh fruit.  Then went back to room for nap.

The afternoon brought the first thunder/lightening/rain storm, which was awesome to watch from our room.  They are organized here; had everyone out of the pool area before the first strikes of lightening were seen, and stood handing out towels to people coming in drenched from the downpour.  

We can also see some of the rides for the Universal theme park from our room.

Monday we drove up to Sanford to check out a restaurant that Kara423 had told me about.  The Blue Dahlia was gone, but a restaurant called Three Blondes and a Shrimp is in its place, and has the same phone number.  It's website said that it was open from 11 - 3 on Mondays, as did its voice mail, but we got there to find it closed on Mondays now.  There was a German place across the street, I think called Hollerbach's Three Willows, and we had a nice lunch there.  I think most of the townspeople showed up, so it may have been one of the few places open in the fadng downtown area.  

We drove along Lake Monroe, past the Marina, past people fishing from the banks, and headed back towards Orlando.  My roommate had a dinner meeting, so I bought a sandwich from Jakes Bar downstairs (yummy veggie Cuban sandwich, mmmmm), then walked along the waterway to the Universal City Walk.  There are water taxis, but I figured that it had cooled off enough that I'd be fine.

I was sweating before I got halfway there, and went into all the shops and restaurants to cool off and check menus and such.  I was going to buy some TCBY yogurt, but the shop smelled like it had been cleaned with the same dirty mop for the last 15 years, so I skipped it.

The Hard Rock Cafe was nice; I'm going back today to buy a couple of collector's pins; may pick up a Starbuck's Orlando coffee mug, too.  There's a Fresh Produce store there, too; may have to buy something there, too.  For those of you that don't know Fresh Produce and like comfy, bright and lovely cotton clothes, check out their website!  I usually look for the past season stuff at TJ Maxx and Marshall's, but sometimes I splurge for something brand new.

Today, I will carry coooold water with me!  Last night I barely made it back; I was weak and felt like I might pass out.  I stopped by the pool and bought a cup of ice cream to cool me down; the kid working there really put a lot in that one scoop, and it helped cool me off, as did the air-conditioned room and cold water, and lying stretched out on the bed.

My roommate is done with her meetings around 3pm today, so we'll head east to Cocoa Beach, maybe try the Lobster Shanty that Ren told me about.  I'll definitely dip my toes in the Atlantic for the first time!  We'll pack the cooler with cold water, hats, sunscreen, bug stuff, and maps and smiles!

More later; I'd better get moving.  I'll check back in and see how everyone's doing later.

Hugs, Kathy
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If the Lobster Shanty is not open, try any of the little shack restaurants along the intercostalway.  They are always good for fresh seafood and local flavors.  Any restaurant alongside a bridge will do.  Be adverturous and find us a new one!!

stay cool - Florida is always muggy.
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Have a good time, Kathy! Don't overdo things, but have many adventures. You're not 'in the neighborhood' every day, so enjoy exploring and experiencing new things.

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I love Florida!  Have a great time for all of us but be careful with the heat.  It can be like a sauna there.  Sitting on the sand with the waves washing in over your feet is a nice way to cool down.  Enjoy.

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If you get this in time.  You may like to try Sunset Bar and Grill ( I think that is the name ) It's intercostal right near a bridge.  They have great food a place to dine outside (covered) and when the sun sets over the water they make a big todo over it.  I'm sorry can't remember exactly what they do ring bell and play music I think.  But more important GOOD FOOD!!!!

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Wow I am so jealous Florida is sooooooo wonderful - it would great to see some pictures posted when you get back if your taking some that is?

Have fun
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Hello, I had a great afternoon yesterday!  

I took the water taxi over to the Hard Rock Cafe to buy some collector's pins, then walked back, ate some crackers, cheese, and fresh fruit for lunch.

My roommate had to work on the computer some (since she got her Blackberry, she's always connected to the office!), so we got a late start, but we still had plenty of time left to drive to the Space Coast.

We were headed east when I noticed a message on my cell phone; the darn things don't work in elevators.  I checked it, and it was from the Providence MS Center.

I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH QUIX'S NEURO!  It's not until September 16, but that's only a week after what I had scheduled with neuro #3 (MS neuro #1).  My hands were shaking, I was so happy.

My roommate waited until I got off the phone, put away my date book, and then said, covering her ear on my side "OK, you can scream now!"  So I did, and my voice was a little hoarse for a while, but it felt so good to let go of the tension of not only still being in limboland, but being here without a neurologist.

This neuro may get me out of limboland.  He'll at least look at things objectively and from a fresh point of view.  

The drive to Cocoa Beach is straight and quick, once you get out of the traffic around town.  There were boggy areas along the road, with egrets, a pelican, and other birds.

It was awesome driving over the bridges, first to Merritt Island and then over to the Cape Canaveral Port, then down through the Strip of Cocoa Beach.  We missed the turn for the Pier, wanted to get to a beach anyway, and pulled down to a small parking lot.

It was a lovely day, the sand was soft and wonderful, the ocean felt good on my bare feet, and the breeze made the heat more bearable.  I found some shells that will go in a bag marked Atlantic; Cocoa Beach.

We stopped at Ron Jon's (there's a Starbucks in there, and my roommate wanted a drink) and I was happy to see that they had a huge selection of Life is Good clothes and accessories; didn't buy any, though!

We were hungry, and headed south and found the Lobster Shanty.  It has seen better days, but the people were very nice, my roommate had a cup of what she said was the BEST lobster bisque ever, and the view was very nice.  They also brought us some hot corn fritters with a dusting of powdered sugar; I don't eat deep fried food, but having tried a bite, I ate two of the yummy things!

The food was OK, but I'd try another place next time.  I ended up with a stomach ache; had to buy Tums.  Don't know if it was the fried food or what; my snapper wasn't all that great, either.  After dinner, we went outside on this pier and took pictures; there was a wonderful old shack out on a neighboring pier that had pelicans roosting around it.

There were also a lot of catfish around the pier; they sell fish food pellets and the catfish were jumping around after them.  I was trying to take pictures, my roommate was kicking old food off the edge of the pier, and a bird flew over and pooped on my left shoulder!  I had to go into the bathroom, take off my shirt, and try to wash it off; big poop!

Do any of you remember that a bird pooped on my face while I was sunbathing on Maui?  I was told that it's good luck, so today I'll buy a Powerball ticket; two poopings on two trips should give me some luck, eh?  Or do we just count the new appt. with Quix's neuro and call it good?!!

We stopped at the Publix grocery for some water and Tums, and then saw that the sunset was amazing.  We tried to get pictures, but they didn't catch the beauty.

We headed back towards Orlando, and for the last half hour of the drive, there was an amazing lightening show ahead of us and to the left.  It was pretty much continous the whole time, with amazing branching bolts of lightening, some that were partially seen through clouds, and then one just before getting back to the hotel that was a HUGE bolt that came out of the bottom of the clouds and almost to the ground.  Most amazing!

I ended up pale and exhausted from the long day as well as nauseated.  I just spent the rest of the evening lying on the bed reading and drinking cold water while my roommate did some more work on the computer until after 11pm.  She overslept this morning, so she was worn out, too!

All in all, it was a wonderful day.

The plan for today is to head back over, but go north to the nature preserve above the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island.  There are supposed to be lots of birds, and maybe manatees; I forget what all.

I'm not sure if we'll pack food, see if there's something good in Titusville, or head back down to Cocoa Beach to eat.  If we go to Cocoa, I'll check out the Sunset Bar and Grill.  I picked up one of those maps that shows where all the restaurants and stuff like that are.

Does anyone know if there is a way to drive up Merritt Island from Cocoa Beach to the Nature Preserve, or is the whole Kennedy Space Center area real secure?  I figured we could just go north on 95 where it splits off off I-528 on the way over, and go over through Titusville, but if we want to go to Cocoa Beach after that, it would be nice if we didn't have to backtrack.

I posted a few pictures...

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Sorry the Lobster Shanty has gone down hill ;-(. I will admit I haven't been there in 4 years but the last time was still good and the lobster bisque is one of items I always order. Sorry if I gave you bad advice. At least I know the scenery was pretty at sunset.

Congrats on the new appointment!!!!!!!!!

Be safe in travels,
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Congrats on getting in to see Quix's neuro!  Hopefully you will get some answers!!

Sounds like you are having a great time/adventure in Florida!  I have been to Orlando (DisneyWorld) but have not seen much of the area itself.  We did get to Key West last year - so I would imagine that it is somewhat similar.

It is quite a change from the Pacific NW!  

Have fun & try to keep cool!

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