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NARCOMS marijuana and MS survey

Many of you are on NARCOMS' mailing list. For those who aren't, and are interested in participating in their latest survey, here is the link:


If this contravenes Medhelp rules and this post is removed, you can PM me for the info.
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This was a good survey and i encourage others to also complete it.  If you don't belong to NARCOMS and do their regular surveys, please consider enrolling.  This is a very significant data base of MS information.

There are so many different groups advocating for the legalization of marijuana and the conversation among lawmakers gets so muddied with the various intended uses.  Medical Marijuana deserves to be considered on its own merits, but that is hard to determine because the scientific evidence is still inconclusive for most cananbis use.

Until we can have control over the growing process and know exactly which strain of cannabis is being used, it is difficult to follow.  There was a recent post from a Canadian company that i shared over on FB  - this company has a table under their products tab that I found very interesting -


Sativex is the inhaler form of MS that is manufactured under controlled environment and has extracted that parts of cannabis that cause the high from their product.   It is made in Englad but their NHS will not cover the cost.

I find some irony that the side effects of MM and Sativex are the very same common complaints we have with MS -  "The most common side effects with Sativex are dizziness and tiredness. Some people may also feel depressed or confused, may feel over-excited or lose touch with reality, may have difficulties with memory or trouble concentrating and may feel sleepy or giddy (1)."  - sativex.co.uk

And just so all of this isn't taken wrong, I am all in favor of the legalization of marijuana - it is long overdue.

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As soon as medical marijuana becomes available in my state I am very anxious to try it. I have heard from many other people with MS that it has greatly relieved their spasticity. I already take Baclofen, Zanaflex and PT for my persistent leg spasticity so I am defiantly ready to give this a try!!!!

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My State will be one of the last to legalize it. They check my urine at the hospital to make sure I am not using recreational drugs so I just stay away from it.


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The tide is slowly turning. There does need to be more research. Anecdotally I can say from limited recreational use that it was helpful, more so than my gabapentin/nortriptyline regimen.

Canada is still sorting this out. Medical cannabis legal in Canada but can no longer grow own or obtain from compassion clubs. Must buy from growers licensed by fed government. Prices are exorbitant. No indications that drug plans intend to cover it anytime soon. Some provincial physician regulatory bodies are appealing to their members NOT to subscribe. Very different climate/views from one province to the next, eg: very conservative in Alberta where I live; very open/progressive in BC, our neighbour to the west. Still lots to sort out.

Recent appeals court decision in BC which is very promising and will influence the direction that the Feds will take. If I can find it again I'll post.
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No scotch = Now scotch
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I took it this morning. These days it seems, medically speaking, marijuana is the new black. IF they can establish a benefit for one of my symptoms, and I can take it without getting high, I'd use it. Long before I quit using other recreational substances I quit smoking pot. I just didn't like the way it made me feel.

No scotch on the other hand...

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