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My doctors haven't found MS yet, but they strongly think I had it because all of the symptoms I have. Like speech issues, optic neuritis, migranies, and lately diffculty to walk. I have been going on with these symptoms going on five years. I am only 27 years old and I feel like I should be doing more in life then in the bed, I am also senstive to light even this computer and TV makes my eyes and head hurt. I have been trying to finish school but I end up in the hospital because I lost my eyesight. I have took so many medications it is ridicolus. When I usually get out the hospital I stop taking my meds and flush my system because my body is full with pain medcations. For like two months I be good then I will go back to school and be out during the day and back at square one. I have had 3 spinal tabs many many MRIs and CAT scans. I have had lots of blood, which is something I am going to do again today. I file for disabliity and the only thing I am diagnois with is depression mood of disoder. Which they can not put a name to my disorder because they haven't found it. I'm sitting here like what do I do? I can't work because the florcent lights can't finish school and can't be out and have to where sunglass when on computer or watching T.V. and I can't have a baby because I am on so much meds.
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if this were me i would be switching neuros, i did even though first one gave me a very quick diagnosis, he w\s not there to treat me, wr have to remember thst when we go see a dr thy are working and getting paid by us or the insurance company and if we do not see any results go to one who specializes in something else
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The eye doctor (neuro-optic) docter is prescribing me tint glasses.
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Yes, I am seeing a neurologists, pcp, neuro-opthologist, psyhcotherapy (depression), and working on finding me a physical therapitis. My illness is so bad I haven't been to work in 4 years because of exposure to light and florence light seem to trigger my migraines. That are acute with optic neuritis and neck and back pain.
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Have you tried shooting glasses. I have heard the rose colored ones work the best but they have yellow too. You can go to any sporting gods store and try them on and see if they help. I have friends with MS who swear by them.

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Hi MW - Welcome to the group.

Young women are the largest percentage of people diagnised with MS. Your age and symptoms make MS a possible diagnosis.

You have had all of the usual tests. These results should ne interpreted by a neurologist, preferably one specializing in MS. Are you currently seein a neurologist?

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