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NON-STOP sinus pains

Hi, I've had MANY sinus infections in my life. I always start off w/ a sore throat and ear and have major congestion/stuffed up nose, etc. I do have sinus pain/pressure a few days of the infection, too. BUT, right now I have had 10 DAYS of NON-STOP (nothing's relieving it!) pain in my cheekbones/under eyes/head/teeth, but I don't have the other usual symptoms. I'm on my 3rd day of Augmentin 875mg 2xday and taking an antihistimine. Also, have run a humidifier and used a Neti pot a few times. I have NEVER had non-stop, and unrelieved pain like this. Will it end??!!  I recently moved from a super-humid and hot environment (AL) where I lived all my life, to a dry (smoggish) climate in CA. This may be part of the problem? I also have Multiple Sclerosis. Thank you for any help! :-)
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I'm sorry that I can't be of help but wanted to bump your post.

Are you feeling any better now?
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It could be allergies.  I know when we lived in Dallas, I always seemed to have a sinus infection...Turns out it was allergies.
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Jojo, we are so quick to blame everything on our MS - please take the time to call your doctor and be evaluated.  If it is sinus infection a  good round of antibiotics might be in order. they can treat allergies, too.  

feel better,
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My Sinuses are horrid. I find some of my MS Medicines such as Baclofen and Percocept dry them out more. I now use them sparingly. I started using more saline and putting a little vaseline in my nose to help keep things moist. I stay away from most allergy medicines which are drying and take Mucinex which thins mucus. I also drink a lot of water or tea. I think the nerves in my head get set off more because of my MS so when my sinuses get set off it starts a whole thing ( but that is my theory not medical ).

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Thanks. I think that's what it may be. The pain *****!! I am going to buy some Zyrtec/Sudafed today.
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Thanks for your response. I am on antibiotics. Been on it for 5 days now. About to start an allergy med, too.
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Thanks for the tips! I am still hurting. I've been told by 'transplant' neighbors that they had similar troubles when they moved to this area from where they did live all their lives. I am still on antib and will start taking an allergy med (Zyrtec) tonight along w/ Sudafed, I guess. Bought some Alavert but didn't start it and the Pharmacist I called today (to ask about interactions w/ it) said he doesn't recomment Alavert b/c it doesn't seem to work as well as Zyrtec along w/ a separate decongestant (like Sudafed). So, I will try that. I'm all out of options and this pain is on it's 11th straight day and I am tired of it! Hope you are well with your MS. I hate it, too!!
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