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Nadia is born

Our little girl was finally born on May 22 at 6:20 pm.  She was 6 lbs 15 oz and 19.75 inches long.  She has lots of dark hair.  We are really excited to finally have her here.  I will try to post pictures later.  

I am doing fine. We are both at home.  Things are going relatively well.  Daddy is really glad to hold his new little one.  Crystal is loving her little sister.  She always wants to take her and not let anyone else hold her.  

Just thought you guys would like the update.  Now lets all pray that my weird symptoms don't come back.

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Congratulations.  I am thrilled for you.  Enjoy the love and happiness little (name please!) will bring to your hearts and lives.  You are one successful terrific lady.  Give her and big sister Crystal a hug from one of her aunties here at the forum and tell Daddy he is a hero, he has a house full of women now!

While the symptoms are gone, let the worry about them go for the duration.  This is you and your family's time for celebration.  You know we are always here to help with the tough stuff.  We are all happy for you.

Love to your expanding family from me and your forum family,

wish x
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Congratulations!  New little bundle of joy!  Give her a big hug, and a hug to Dad and Crystal.  I'm so happy for you!

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Hi Hon,

Super congratulations. :)  You are in for the time (best) of your life!  

My baby is now 4 months old and I can honestly say every day with her is more fun and better.  

Love and Joy and Happiness and Health to you, your hubby and your precious girl.

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Congratulations and best wishes.  May God continue to bless your growing family with all good things.
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Welcome Nadia!!!

OOPS - should say congrats Tahiri & family first but those precious babies always seem to win with me  :)

Glad that all went well & that Crystal is enjoying Nadia. What a good big sis.  Enjoy them cause they get big so fast.  

Thanks for the post - I have been waiting to hear!!!!!!!

I am excited to see the pictures of our new little girl.

Take care & give extra hugs from us.
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Congrats on your newest bundle of joy!!

Nothing like a baby...enjoy

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Congratulations!!!May God bless you & your family!!
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I'm so happy that all went well for you and the baby!  

Wishing you and your family many blessings!

Take care,
Pat :-)

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Congratulations Tahiri.  With everything you went through with this pregnancy, I am so happy it ended so very well.  You all take care and enjoy the new baby.

Hugs to you all,

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