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Neck pain

I have had a constant neck ache for about 3 weeks now.  It is worse while sleeping and arising in the morning.  Eventually through the day, it feels better (but not healed).  I have tried different sleeping positions but nothing has helped. Of course this is just one of the mysteries that we all experience with MS. Maybe it's not MS related at all.
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I have the same issues with my neck and throat.  I have also been diagnosed with MS about a year ago.  It's truly been up and down.  Especially, the part of knowing whether my sx are MS related or something else.  The back of my neck hurts some days worse then others but experience pain in it every day.  Lately, I've also started having a very sore throat, especially when swallowing.  Are they related?  I have no temperature or symptom that might make it clear that it is not MS related.  So, I am assuming it is MS related but meanwhile want to make sure.  Having relapse remitt MS is never just black and white. :)
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would you mind looking at my post about neck pain? I posted last night and it's down the list a little. . .I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing is a neurological problem or unrelated to the "probably early MS" that my dr is talking to me about. Thanks!
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I hope that you are able to get a dx soon.  I have had MS since 1994 and it definitely has its ups and downs.  Thanks for the comments, I'll let you know if I ever get around to going to a Dr. about this latest symptom.  Keep me up to date on your findings as well.
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I am going through the same thing right now.  It isn't constant throughout the day, but in the morning it is sore and by the end of the day I don't even want to turn my head.  My pain extends down all the way to my lower back, but always starts at the neck.  I have not been diagnosed with MS though.  I am in the beginning stages and have just had dr's suspect MS.  Let me know if you find anything to relieve it.  I take 1000mg of advil to take the edge of the pain, but can't do that for very long.  
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