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Need Help with Medication

My neurologist prescribed Tecfidera for my MS. I have been waiting for approval from my insurance company. I became frustrated so I called the company and I was informed that the doctor's office needs to fax a signed order. I then call my neurologist's office several times and I am told that they are "working on it" I am tired, frustrated, no I am angry. My symptoms are out of control . I am in pain and experiencing cognitive issues which is trying for me as I am a teacher. I am asking for any suggestions. Thank you in advance.  
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Have you contacted Biogen, the drugmaker? My neuro's nurse did the legwork for me but I remember her saying that they would send a month's supply even before the insurance approval came through. It's only $10 per month too!

I've been on it since June and I really love it. Good luck!!
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I am there with you!!! I called the Avonex people and they said they didn't have my number... but after that they were quick at getting the medicine to me. I also felt like my symptoms were out of control.

I am also a teacher and it is hard to work all day, standing up... I use all my energy at school. I pray for quick results on your medicine!!!

My advice is to keep calling... that is the only thing I can think of. Prayers!
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I would contact your doctor regarding your currnet symptoms in the interim as the Tecfidera will only work to limit or avoid future relapses. It will not address (directly) your current symptoms.

If you're having pain and cognitive issues now that are impacting your life, they can be addressed individually as you wait the period of time it will take to determine if Tecfidera is a good fit as a DMD for you.
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Thank you very much. It is nice to have a fellow teacher that is going through the same symptoms. I too have difficulty standing all day and sometimes forgetting parts of a lecture. I am so fatigued at the end of a day that just to get into my bed is about all I can do some days
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Hi Kermit,

Welcome to the group! I'm sorry that your having a tough time with your symptoms and getting your meds.

As immisceo mentioned, Tecfidera is not likely to help with your current symptoms. Its main purpose to to prevent or delay future relapses. There are things that can help with your current symptoms.  I would talk to your doc about the difference between the two kinds of meds.

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