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Need a Neuro

HELP !!!  I need a new neuro that is in Northern California between SF, Sacamento, Redding, Chico areas.  I would like one that knows what he is doing.  I want one that will answer my questions, give me pain medication, prescribe steroids when needed, will change treatments when one is not working, one that is caring and might be open to alternative treatments.  Does anyone know of a dream neurologist who understands.  Someone out there must have a good neuro.  PLEASE !!!

The one I see really doesn't care about my pain.  I feel like tossing in the towel and taking the easy route out when the pain gets out of control and I can't sleep for days at a time.  He won't prescribe what works for me and the gp is afraid to treat the pain.  I don't need pain meds all the time only when I hurt so I don't want to take regularly scheduled meds that make me loopy.  I would rather take something once in a while when needed.  Neurotin makes me sleep and loopy, and so do the other meds.  I want norco.  They treat me like I am drug seeking for asking for norco.  Its what works and I only have to take it maybe once a week or a few times a month.  Its not a everyday thing for me.  I honestly hate even having to take that.  

The MS is progressing and I have gotten worse over the last two years.  I fought with the neuro today to try to get another med.  I told him it was insanity to keep taking the same thing and expecting different results.  So I pushed and pushed and was able to get prokarin perscribed.  I told him I want to try it and see if it helps me.  He was very angry with me.  

He wanted to put me on antidepressants and I told him they make me sucidial, fat, make me sleep, and they are addictive. . .   I feel so drugged and horrible on them.  When the docs don't know what to do they always try to cram happy pills down your throat like that will cure the pain.  I wasn't depressed until today when I am told he won't help me with the pain.  My husband is now mad at me too and isn't speaking to me.  (that causes circumstantual depression that is appropiate.)  I know the difference as I am a RN.  

Besides the pain when he tested my reflexes on my knee there was severe colonus.  It felt horrible to be thunked and then he keeps thunking the knee and the thigh keeps shaking.  It wasn't like that 2 years ago.  He keeps writing down no change in condition.  He doesn't listen to me and write down how badly I walk.  I get shaky now when I walk and stiff.  

He doesn't treat the flares when I call him.  I might get treatment every couple of flares.  He doesn't believe me that I am having them as often as I do.  He looks towards my husband to telling him the truth.  However my husband is tired of hearing how I feel so I don't tell him.  

Is it normal for the doc to ignore the patient and to turn to the husband???

To top it all off I was kicked out of the office and he talked with my husband.  I told my husband I feel insulted and hurt that he and the doc talked without me.  

This is the supposed one of the top neuros in the US and is known world wide.  

It is so fusterating that Doctors think they are GODS and won't treat a patient with care.  Heck he never acknowledges the amount of numbness I have or other issues.  When I worked with cancer patients I saw doctors who were jerks and wouldn't treat a dying patient with appropiate pain meds.  

Thanks for listening to my vent.  

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As an RN I am sure you must be aware than unless you signed a form giving your neuro permission to speak to your husband about your medical issues, he was out of line.  Not only out of line but breaks the law.      

I have no idea why a neuro would refuse pain meds.  Mine treats my pain.  We tried pain patches which were too strong.  I take Oxycodone four or five times per day.  I know others on the board use narcotics.  It doesn't seem like a far out request.

Personally, I would be looking for another neuro.  I also would be upset with my husband if he had played any part in that type of scenario.  Insult isn't even the word.  I know how my husband would have handled it.  He would have politely told the idiot his services were no longer needed.
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My husband said he wanted to know my prognosis.  I tried to tell him no one can predict the outcome.  The doc cant.  I also encouraged him to read about ms and he won't even research it.  

I want to try diet changes and med changes but it feels like I don't have any support at home.  Its scary as I love my husband dearly.  He feels like nothing will work and I am searching for something that doesn't exist.  I have heard of people who improve with diet changes and med changes.  

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