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Need some diabetic diet advice

Well, last year I had bloodwork and my A1C was elevated but the Dr. never told me I have diabetes.  I occasionally check my bloodsugar and Wednesday night it was 346.  Needless to say, I immediately decided it was time to quit eating sugar and begin to take care of this.  Does anyone else that has MS have Diabetes?  I haven't been to the Dr. yet but I have made an appt.  I would like to find a diabetes diet/eating plan.  Does anyone know where I can find one on the internet.

I'm so addicted to sugar and I'm now eating fresh fruits to help with the sugar cravings.  Any help is much appreciated.  THANKS!!!
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I'm so sorry to hear the news.

I'm not diabetic, but I come from a long family line of diabetics on both sides of the family. My father and my sister both have type 2.

First, you need to get your butt to the doctor ASAP..NO FOOLING AROUND..346 that is out of sight!!!! A blood level of 200 is bad. You need to be on meds possibly. My sister is on Glyburide. It helps control blood sugars.

Not only do you have to watch refined sugars like those that are in candies, and cookies, but sometimes fruits, and carbohydrates/starches. Fruits are encourage though because of their fiber and vitamin content. My sister still has to limit and watch her fruit intake and make sure that it's fresh, frozen, or canned in it's own juice rather than canned in syrup.

Here is a website that might get you started:

Take Care
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Hi there,

I'm not diabetic, but always had gestational diabetes w/pregnancy.

As you know, eating properly is key if (some can't) it can be controlled by diet! And, if you are switching sugar w/ fruit sugar - please be careful! Quantity and combo is going to be a sticking point on this. For example, breakfast may look like this:

1/2 of a banana
6 crackers (saltless)
spoon full of protein (peanut butter)
1/2 cup of milk

Remember combos and quantity for stability.

Each day for breakfast, I had 1/2 banana 3 saltless saltine peanut butter sandwishes. So, I was able to have 6 crackers and I made them into sandwiches. I was suppose to have a 1/2 cup of skim milk (YUCK) but I used whole milk instead  (bad me, but it worked)

My advice to you is to see a dietician and if after your appt. one is not recommend - ask for one.  I would never have been able to control my sugar if it were not for sitting down with one. The dietician I saw asked me about everything I was eating, and what I liked, and she then told me what quantities and types of food to eat. It worked! And, I now remember it all for life!

Please let me know how you make out and if you need any tips!
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Hi Deborah,
You are a smart woman to know that this is not acceptable and you have to make some changes.  There are a few of the MS or supporting meds that elevate blood sugar - I'm not remembering which one right now - but they don't bump your sugar that much.

The diabetic diet requires you to understand the good and bad foods groups and shell's advice to see a dietician or nutrition specialist is a good idea.  Insurance usually won't pay for this type of visit, though.

There are doctors who specialize in treating diabetes and you might see is one of them in your area often counseling.  They might have a nurse in the office who specializes in working with patients.

Good luck with this - I know just a sight change in my blood sugar makes me feel crappy.  I imagine you are going to feel so much better once you detox from the sugar.

be well, Lulu
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i have a history of diabetes in my family- both type one and two. when i'd gotten up to almost 200 pounds and was eating absolutely anything i felt like having, i can tell you i felt like crap. i woke up sick to my stomach, felt like i was going to be sick for much of the morning, had hot flashes (i was in my early 20's.... not a time for hot flashes), violent mood swings, headaches.. you name it, i felt it. the reason i'm telling you is this- lulu's right. you're going to feel better once you stabilize.  stick to a balanced, high fiber, low-sugar diet and hopefully you'll end up in a place where you don't have to watch your fruit intake as much.

the diet that put me on the right path- weight watcher's core plan. if you're interested, i can actually scan and post. unless weight watchers will come after me. if that's the case, message me. ; )

good luck!!!!
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