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Need some help today

Hi Everybody,

You guys have been so helpful in the past, I guess I need some encouragement today.  I am feeling very down about
whatever is wrong with me, be it MS or something else.  I am tired, just tired of this facial pain.  It seems to be different everyday now.  It was initially in the cheekbone area (which most of the time it still is), now I get pain behind
my ear,  the helix of my ear, my temples and the back of my head.

I don't know if I can continue to keep functioning with this pain.  I know I shouldn't be complaining as this could be so much worse, but this dull, aching pain that hasn't subsided since June is wearing on me.  Today, I can't stop from crying and just want to run and hide from all of this.  I have my next appointment at Yale on 11/7, and maybe that is why I am so emotional and weepy.  As much as I want "clearer" answers, I guess I am afraid of them as well.  I feel like I am falling apart piece by piece and there is nothing I can do about it.  My family doesn't understand and I think they are in denial about a possible MS diagnosis.  My 3 guys, (husband and 2 boys) are so used to me trucking on, that I don't think they would think anything is wrong unless I just collapsed or something.  

I am also not very happy at my job as of late.   I think this just makes it worse as I am scared to transfer or put in for a new position as I do not know what the future holds for me healthwise.  I guess it is easier to stay unhappy, in a familar situation.  I honestly feel very low today and feel that the future holds nothing for me.  I love my boys to death and they are incredible.  My oldest just graduated college and got his first job.  He is already doing phenomenal there as he has done in every other aspect of his life.  My youngest is busy with school, football and being an overachiever.  I know everyone brags about their kids, but these 2 have given me no trouble and I am unbelievably proud of their accomplishments.  This is why it hurts me to say that I can't see myself in their future being like this.  I have always been there pushing them along, but how can I now when I can't push myself.  I guess for the first time I don't see myself looking outward into the future and that scares me.

I think I am overwhelmed at the moment and could really use some words from people who have been here.  I apologize this is lengthy, but thank you for listening.
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   Just wanted to let you that you are not alone in this. I am really struggling right now as well. I hope your day gets better:) and you get some answers during your next appt.
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im right there with you. i was diagnosed tuesday with fibromyalgia but am still supposed to see the MS Specialist to see if i have MS also. I'm only 24.. i shouldnt have to be going through this at that age :/
try to keep your head up and know that things will eventually get better. you will get medication to help you when they find out what it is, and dont give up until they find it.
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You are not alone...I am really struggling with a lot right now too. I am a Christian, and KNOW everything will work out.. but I am scared and tired of being in pain and 'sick'.

Just got an MS dx a week ago (also have degeneration in my whole spine, cervical stenosis with spinal cord compression, D.I.S.H. disease, ect... I lost my job on Sept 4th (company closing), have no money, tried to collect unemployment but can't get it..long story...I can't afford to pay my bills or rent.

Sometimes I feel like my family would be better off without me, since I can't do the things I used to do with and for them..."I was always there for everyone"...I feel like a burden to them and to everyone.

But I KNOW that is all a BIG lie from Satan himself!

Don't give up..I KNOW it is hard! But God has a plan and a purpose for you! Your family loves and need you even when you can't do for them.

I will be praying for you...I hope you get some answers and pain relief soon!

By the way, has the doctor/doctors ever given you Neurontin? It really helped me with nerve pain.

Hugs and prayers,

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You are for sure not alone in feeling the way you are. When my legs stopped working the way that they are supposed to I was horrified at the prospect of missing out on my kid's life as they run and play and be active. Totally scary, depressing, infuriating, and so many other indescribable feelings......

Our families don't get it as sympathetic as they are towards us. I'm sure your family cares about you a lot though....

I am really sorry that you are facing this. As trite as it may sound, hang in there.


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I understand. I hate this knowing that something is wrong, and it scares me.

I tell myself to Let Go and Let God. So easy to say, not so easy to do!

I feel the same about my children and my grandson. They are the most a mother and grandmother can ask for. I love them dearly and I hate that at times I simply cannot do things with them I normally would, and want to do. Not having a name for this cruddy whatever it is makes it even worse.

I try to concentrate on the good, and on today. Today, this moment, is all we're guaranteed. I so get what you are feeling with your pain and symptoms because I feel it too. Just know you aren't alone.

I keep everyone here in my thoughts and prayers.

Big, yet gentle, hugs,

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I have ms and fibro plus spinal stenosis. For facial pain the only thing that really worked was valium. I only took it for 7days. Soma worked some, flexeril worked some.  B6, b12, magnesium  (the expensive time released)
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Hit the send button too soon! Facial pain is often a type of nerve pain. So good quality b vitamins, even a b-12 shot help. So, i took those vitamins, advil twice day and 1 valium at night. i started to improve after the first pill. Mine was brought on by going to the dentist. He injected novacaine to fix a filling. When the novacaine wore off, i was in BIG trouble. Facial pain into the ear, behind the ear, and into the back of my head and neck. I finally saw a pain specialist doctor for a ruptured couple of discs in my back,I told him what was going on with my face, he could tell i was miserable,  he gave me the valium.
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Thank you everyone for your kind words.  I know I need to "Let go and Let God," but some days are harder than others.

I have had a better weekend, although my pain level seems a little higher.  I will need to find an answer for pain relief if this continues at this level or gets worse.  It is very painful in my jaw, temple area, cheek and the back of my ear.  I don't know what the ear thing is all about.  Even a few twinges of pain behind my left ear.  

Either way, I just wanted to thank you once again for listening and letting me know there are many others who are going thru this and truly understand.  Please try to stay safe during the storm.  God Bless.
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The jaw pain is awful. I have called it "Phantom Tooth Pain" because something will trigger it, and then it feels like every tooth in my right side, upper and lower, has a toothache. I went to the dentist about this in February and all he found is a small cavity, which he filled. I also have had sharp pain behind my right ear, the feeling that novocane is wearing off inside my mouth and on the right side of my nose. My neurologist said he believes it is Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I so feel for you. :(  I hope you can find some relief.

I also understand about the job situation. I have been with my company going on 25 years, and I believe they are trying to get rid of those of us who are older and who have more years of service. I enjoy WHAT I do, but the environment is so negative.

I will definitely keep you and all of us in my thoughts and prayers.

Gentle hugs,

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