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Neuro Psych Eval

I have been referred for a Neuro Psych Eval. (Great! I'm 35 and senile!)  It's not until November, but they told me that I would be there for about 8 hours. Holy Cow! Am I taking the SAT? Can someone who has been through this maybe give me some idea of some of the things they will be doing?  Thanks!
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I had one but it didn't take 8 hours... There are a lot of questions about your life... Mainly trying to see if your depressed... They play brain games with you like memory and things like that... It's been so long ago I can't remember everything they did but mine was about an hour long...

It could be totally different today than it was in 2006 but it wasn't that big of a deal... Just remember what you are feeling as far as symptoms are real... they are not something you are imagining in your head... Who would purposely not want to be able to walk???

Good luck and keep us informed... Hopefully someone that has recently gone through this may be able to shed some light on this for you...

I'll be praying,
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Sailorsong (Dennis) had this test recently, and did a great job of describing it in detail here. Use Search this Community to find the thread quickly.

Many other members over the years have also talked about the testing, including the many benefits it provides. You will find out if you have cognitive deficits in any areas, and that's the first step in learning to compensate for them. You will also find out whether psychiatric issues come into play. A great many here have found that they DON'T, which gets that angle off the table quickly (and also allows them to give a nyah-nyah to doctors doubting their mental health).

Haven't had such testing myself, so can only report second hand, but judging by what I've read on the forum, this is a win-win for nearly everyone who goes thru it.

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Here are links to the 2 posts I made regarding NeuroPsych testing that ess referred to..

The first one was after having the test.


This second one is after I got the test report;


Hope this helps you understand what the testing is like.

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Thanks Dennis,

That information was helpful. They told me that I needed to be there at 7:45 and I would be done probably between 3:30 and 3:45. She said they would do an interview, give me some oral questions, pencil and paper questions and come questions on the computer.

The main reason that I was referred is because my initial symptoms prior to being diagnosed were cognitive. My neurologist wanted to wait until my stress from the newness of the diagnosis subsided to make sure that the problems were not stress and anxiety related. I also indicated to her that I have problems hearing, especially while on the phone and watching television. I explained to her while I can hear noise  can't understand what is actually being said. She believes that it is not my hearing itself that I am actually having problems with but that I am not processing what I am hearing. This is all what lead to the nuero psych eval referral.
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Would a cognitive eval.  be the same thing as a phych eval.?
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The doctor that gave me my NeuroPsych test told me it is common for PwMS to have slowed processing in their brains and depending on where the damage is can effect different things. In my case the main thing that is hampered is my memory, though I do have some trouble hearing things correctly at times like you said.

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I had one done in January of this year. It was over 4 hours long and mad me very agitated. They were asking me things I wouldn't have any reason to know even without the ms.

I was in the process of switching from prystique to  cymbalta
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Oops. My hand jerked and I hit done.    

I. Didn't do well with the switch of meds. My depression had resurfaced.   If I would of known what the tests all involved I probably would have waited to do the ttesting when I was feeling better. Needless to say I cried all the way home

When I finally called my husband he called the Drs office and they told him my tests were inconclusive.  When we got his bill I was surprised how expensive it was and they can't even use it as a baseline

They want to see me back in September.  We will see
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