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Neuro-psych Exam Results Are In

Although in November I was dx'd with MS; in June, my Neuro referred me to a Psychologist for a Neuro-psych exam.  I completed part two a little over 2 weeks ago and, today, I went back to the Dr. for the results.  

I once was told I had Attention Deficit Disorder.  Today, the Dr. advised me that was a wrong dx.  She stated that all the testing proved I didn't have a problem with my attention.  

She stated that my brain is very slow in processing any and all information.  There was one test I did in which there were the words, red, black, blue, green.  On page 1, I just had to read the words.  I didn't miss any words however; I was very slow in reading them.  On page 2, each word was printed in a different color and I had to state what color in which the word was written.  Again, I didn't miss any of the words but, I was very slow.   On page 3, I had to read the color in which the word was written.  I still didn't miss any of the words but went very slow.  On the last page, I had to say the color in which the word was written, with the exception of the words in parenthesis, and on them I had to read the actual word.  I didn't miss any of these but was once again very slow.

Visual Memory test was mildly abnormal.

Memory/Retention/Learning was mildly abnormal.  She stated that "mild" is enough abnormality that one would notice and feel frustration from.  She stated that what was once diagnosed as ADD in me was actually cognitive problems from the MS and she confirmed that I have had MS since a child.

Hand dexterity was severely abnormal on right hand and mildly abnormal on left hand.

I have severe loss of strength in both hands.

The Dr. has asked me to get her a copy of the MRI reports that state where the lesions on my brain are located so that she can include in the report how my abnormalities are consistent with the location of these lesions.

The Dr. also stated that the way in which she tested me, she can clearly see that I gave 100% and that in no way did I try to throw the scores.  I, personally, do not know how they can tell that.  I do know that I wasn't trusting the testing process though.  I was VERY WRONG.  

I have to say that there were areas of the test that I really thought I did well and those were the areas where she stated that my brain was very slow in processing things.  During the last two weeks, I was really worried that my tests would not reveal the problems of which I've been complaining.  My work disability company had only approved me for disability through July 9, pending the results of these tests.  I called them back yesterday and they decided to extend my disability for 2 more weeks.  When they get these results, I really do not see them refusing disability for me.  However, I'm not going to hold my breath.  Their job is to not have to pay out and I think they will do all they can to keep from paying me.

  The last week has been very stressful.  The HR lady at my workplace has been threatening my job.  It's been a nightmare of which I will save you long details.  I've kept you enough.  I just wanted to let you know what has been going on.  If I were still in school, I would have to ride the short, yellow bus and take special ed classes.  I guess I'm going to change my name to special deb.

God is still in control and He continues to bless me more than I deserve.  I feel blessed to have a Psychiatrist who has been very instrumental in helping me to the next level.  She assures I do not have Alzheimer's disease and she is pleased to now have a baseline Neuro-psych exam for future testing.

Blessings to you all.
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Deb, I know that is a relief to you to have these results.  It is amazing what tests we can't fake - this is one and another is a neuro exam.  

Keep plugging along with the paperwork.

be well,
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Deb, you were special long before there were any tests to show it.  Don't you forget it, either!
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Dear Deb,

I hope your HR person backs off and cuts you some slack.  Keeping your job, if possible, would be a good thing (unless you hate it).  Maybe you should contact your local disability workforce office to learn your rights.  I'm pulling for ya!!


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It is really nice to have things verified by those tests. When I was going for my SSDI 20 years ago they sent me to a shrink for the same kind of testing. After the testing the shrink said based on my work and position that I had lost at least 70 points in my IQ.

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I too  had the neuro/psych.  i knew going in that I was experiencing some difficulties with my cognitive processes.  Even though I knew that....the results were somewhat devastating.  I hated seeing it in black and white.  Maybe until then I had been in some denial?

That feeling eventually passed and now I am glad I have the results.  Hang in there Life can be hard but it is precious.

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