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Neuro says I might have MS but there were no lesions on my brain mri. Opinions?

For a while I have had this feeling I can't really explain creep up the left side of my body starting with my toes. It feels numb, kind of tingly, and very very weak. On Easter night I was sitting down with my son and suddenly I felt weird electric currents go up and down my left arm. It became very cold and I couldn't grip anything. When that went away I tried to stand up to go upstairs and my left leg just gave out. I tried to walk but I couldn't. I couldn't bare any weight on that leg without feeling as of I was going to fall down. That feeling subsided after I sat back down, thank goodness. The next morning in get out of bed only to realize that I am now walking with a limp. I can't get rid of it. It's not painful, just out of my body's control. My neuro did a brain mri and said everything looked great, BUT he isn't ruling out ms until I have a spine mri and a nerve conduction test. What are the chances this could be ms without any brain lesions? I thought that was the tell tale sign? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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Unfortunately, no single test can rule MS in or out. It's more of a "big picture" diagnosis that takes things like lab tests, patient history, neurological exams, etc. into account. While nothing is 100%, it's much more common than not for MRIs to produce findings associated with conditions like MS. But, how your doctor phrased it is concerning. Clean MRIs do not, in and of themselves, rule out MS.

What you describe sounds a little too fleeting to be consistent with MS, though we're not doctors here. Because MS involves nervous system damage, things don't really resolve based on body position. Has your neurologist done a basic neurological exam? This doesn't involve fancy equipment and can still give them a lot of useful information.
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