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Does it help MS patients to move to warmer climates?  If so, does humidity play a part or not?
Know of one MS patient who became very ill when exposed to too much sun so I'm confused.
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I'm a Limbo Lander, so I don't have a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  Humidity doesn't effect most neurologic conditions, but heat does.  Any time it's in the high 80's or above, I hide in the air conditioning.  I love it when fall and winter come to Colorado.  I'm much more comfortable with the cold.  As far as sunlight, we have over 300 sunny days a year here, and I don't seem sensitive to the sunlight.  I haven't heard about "light sensitivity" in PWMS.

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Heat isn't a friend to any disease that features nerve conduction problems.  Heat slows conduction of signals and often makes us feel worst.  I'm not sure about the humidity.  I know it makes the air feel warmer and heavier.  I don't think any body part likes humidity much -- except maybe the sinus who would be happy if all of us walked around with our heads in little mist bubbles.

Sun itself isn't a hinderence.  It's a source of vitamin D that is needed by everyone and especially PWMS (within safe exposure limits, of course).  Problems arise when people are taking an arsenal of medications.  Any number of them can cause photosensitivity, an intolerance to and exagerated reaction to the sun.  Their skin can burn, itch and/or be irritated with much less exposure.

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I live in on the GA coast and was diagnosed this summer. Never had a problem with heat ever in my life till now. Now a high heat index brings on my symptoms and makes new ones appear. But also it is a lot hotter and more humid than most of the country.
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I'm on the high plains of Colorado, so humidity is a rare issue.  I do travel to the San Francisco Bay area of a pretty regular basis and the cool humidity of summer seems to agree with me.

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Sun is not a problem but the heat definitely is for most of us.  Mary gave a good simple explanation -

We do usually recover from the problems brought on by heat when we allow our body to cool down to normal ranges.  

If you have more specific questions, please be sure to ask.

best, Lulu
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Well I am in new england and I have 2 problems I cant take the heat and I cant tolerate the cold so I am stuck, The heat makes me ill and the cold makes the parts of my body that are numb feel even worse. So in a few more yrs when the kids are grown I am heading south but not florida.

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