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Neuropsych testing results

Hey guys,

I just got home from my feedback session and it was really interesting.  I am not diagnosed, but the results came back with me having deficits in areas of visual-motor processing and sustained attention.  The neuropsych said that my test results are a typical pattern seen in patients with MS.

The doctor said there is no question that there is an organic cause to my cognitive issues.  My neuro said that she wanted to use the neuropsych results to help make the case for diagnosis (since I have clean MRIs).  So I guess this is a step in the right direction, but it's really disturbing that at 28 I have deficits that can show up on neuropsych testing.  
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Well, first of all, sorry that the test showed something.  But I know it's reassuring to know there really is a reason why you're having these problems.

If I haven't mentioned this already, ask your neuro about optical coherence tomography.  It's a test that measures the thickness of your optic nerve.  It will show atrophy common to MS, even when the MRI shows no lesion activity.
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Wow, ash, that sounds an awful lot like what the neuropsych guy told me.  You didn't wander up to Ohio State for this, did you?

WHatever it is, we pray it's accurately and quickly identified.
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I had deficits that showed up when I was six years old. I was labeled learning disabled. I was not diagnosed with MS until 2009. They did not have MRIs and no one thought of MS in children.

It is a disease which does not respect age. Everyone is different when you get MS does not predict how rapidly you become disabled.

In my own case my brain has compensated so well I did not even notice the disability.

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