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New Symptoms- Seeing double

how do you handl this? Today, when I look at an objet in the distance, anything up close becomes double... example....the peoples head in the rows at the church in front of my were double but I could see the pastor in the distance ok... if I looked at the heads then they become more "one" instead of double but I couldn't see the pastor.

How do you handle this?

What is this?

I found if I tip my head it helps a little tiny bit, but not much.

If I close my eyes it feelsl like I'm on a merry-go-round and I want to throw up.

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Double vision is common in MS.  I've being seeing double for a long time.  I do have optic neuritis, which I think I've had longer than when I've been diagnosed.  I'd set up an appointment with the opthamologist to get this looked at, quickly.  

In MS, there's a few reasons why double vision occurs.  I'm not very good at explaining things, because there's nothing about the brain, eyes, and nerves that I know much about.  However, sometimes the problem causing it is in the eyes, like in the swelling of the optic nerve, sometimes the problem in caused from a lesion in the brain with a lesion which causes problems with the brain problems in putting the images together to form one image, and other times it's because of the eye muscles itself.  

To treat it and figure out what's going on, takes more testing--something my opthamologist will be doing with me pretty soon.  He talked about putting prisms on my eyeglasses to correct the problem, but I've had this symptom for at least a year, now.  For me, it's way worse at night.  My vision at night is not only blurry but doubled.  Plus the lights are also streaked and some even have halos.  

I am all to familiar with the merry-go-round!  Right now, I'm attributing this feeling to the 107 degree heat!  It's making my eyes bounce around and heavy.  Plus, I'm feeling all-together very sluggish.

I hate that you have yet one more thing on your plate to deal with.  I wish that whatever is attacking your central nervous system would go away!  It is completely unfair that a woman your age is having to deal with all of this.

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I've been Dx'd with O.N... although my nerve looked good and my brain MRI was good as well.

I feel very tough, I was right about a flare coming on.

My world is spinning, I feel dizzy.... that is also a new symptom. I've had balance issues.... but I've never been dizzy before.

I feel very nauseated from the dizziness I think.

My eyes are very dilated tonight too... I just don't understand. I'm not on any meds that could do that... so it's just odd. I'm going to go and get sunglasses to wear inside to combat the lights.

Thanks for you for the lovely comment and your time, I've always so thankful for everyone here.

Have a blessed night.
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Sorry you are having this problem to add to the others!  I had double vision to the sides really bad at first, and still sometimes if I try to look to far to either side I will catch a glimps of it again.

The Photophobia( light sensitivity was one of my worst problems and I still have it to a degree, although it is a lot better.  If you get sun glasses for indoors, make sure not to get the dark ones because this will be to dark indoors.  Use the dark ones out side in the sun and the lighter  ones inside.  Try to find the ones with 100% UV protection, these combat the lights and glare the best.  The clear ones with UV protection are not so good because they are not strong enough.

Another tip for indoor lighting is to change your light bulbs in any area that you spend a lot of time to the clear 25 watt bulbs.  These are much more comfortable and more friendly to the eyes.

Just some things that I have found helpful dealing with this problem!

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Yeah, that double vision can be really distracting.  It pops up with me when I'm tired, or overheated.  Tipping my head to the right makes it worse - and I'm always lying down on the couch, so everything on the boob tube is doubled up.

I find closing my right eye (the source of the problem) helps when I really need to look at something without distraction.
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Hi honey...when I have this problem and I really need to see things normally I wear a patch on my eye (available at the drugstore) because sometimes you just NEED to see only ONE!  I have been advised not to wear it all the time although a reason wasn't really given...but it sure has come in handy in the past to have it in my purse when I need it.

Lots of Hugs,

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If you don't use the problem eye at all, it gets lazy and just sits around, eating cheetoes...  ;-)

No, seriously, when I close my problem eye for a while and then open it back up, it's all out of focus and squirrelly.  So I try to use it as much as possible.
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Thanks for all the comments...
I went and ordered some wrap-around suglasses that have Rx. lenses and UV protection, etc.

I hope that will cut out some light with my dilated eyes.

As far as the seeing double, I'm just PRAYING that's temporary with this new flare this week-end that that will will disapear and not be a long-lasting symptom. Thanks so much for all your suggestions, I shall put them to work as long as I am seeing "two" of everyone.

The dizziness is a bit better today, but not a whole lot.

I went and also bought some high top shoes... they look funny, but they help support my foot and I can walk with my foot dragging QUITE as much, although it's still a lot of effort and I still look like a Penguin.

I just pray that this eases off and I feel a bit better soon... my walking ability has greatly decreased in the last three days, evidently this flare has "attacked" it too.

Grins, and smiles to all!
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That dizziness...  My neuro recommended antihistamine for the dizziness.  I took some, but I could never tell the difference.  Eventually the dizzies went away on their own.
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