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New format?? Why?

I don't understand this new page? Why would Medhelp do this with people who might have a difficult time with changes.  This is too confusing for me to continue even watching new comments or questions, how many other people are going to give up with Medhelp and find an easier format to follow?  

Sorry Medhelp, you guys have helped me and others for many years.  
But I'm not able to continue with this format.
Bye for now friends
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Now, I'm really confused, the old format came back on?  Is this my computer problem.  I really don't want to leave if the old format is back on....any help with this
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I know it is hard but if you could contact Medhelp under contact at the bottom of the page and explain exactly what your problems are with the new format that would help. What you said is great. MH does not always look at our forum. Plus formal complaints can be counted.

They are going back and forth with the format as they decide. Sometimes you get the old sometimes the old.

I am having a really hard time with following the new directions and with reading the posts and knowing who they are from. Also getting to the communities.

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Firstly let me point out that it isn't only MSers who are having a lot of difficulty with the new site design, and with the roll out basically being a 30% lottery when you login and out, it's unfortunately made the new design even more difficult to work out and it's caused a lot of confusion all over medhelp.

Since the new site first went up, there's been a few improvements to features and some of the glitches fixed, because of all the collective forum users reporting (via contact us at the bottom of your screen) any and all issues that are causing a problem.......please don't stop reporting, we need every one to voice their opinion as this situation continues!

Logging in and out is suppose to eventually get you out of the new site, it's not worked for me though, I seem to get stuck on either for a few weeks before i switch but others are finding logging in and out successful, so worth trying...

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Thanks, I got that done now.

Take care
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i don't like it either
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