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New symptom?

Since yesterday every time I turn my head to the left, I get this sharp shooting pain in my forhead above my right eye and my neck on the right hand side hurts.  In the past few weeks I've had other symptoms as well such as, hard time walking, my legs feel very heavy at times, unable to bear weight, weakness in hands, blurred vision and feeling like I have something in my eyes and also a few times my eyes have acted seperately, one goes one way and the other goes the other way.  And to top all of this, I've had problems with short term memory, to the point where I've just been at an intersection and once I go through, I ask myself if I even stopped.  It's getting scary and I'm really looking for answers.

Thanks in advance for any advice or ideas you might have.  I do have a doctor's appointment, but am wondering if anyone might have an insight.

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Hi There!

I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy right now, and I know it's extremely frightening to have so much going on in your body without any answers.....
I just read through a couple of your previous posts, because I didn't really remember your complete story.
Have you ever had an appointment with a Neurologist yet?  Any testing done at all for you?  
I know you're seeing your doctor tomorrow, and please be very thorough with him/her because that way they can try and steer you in the right direction.
Please stick here with us and we will do what we can to help you through this process.
I hope you feel better very soon....
Tammy :)
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PS---I'm from Ontario, too!!   Hi Neighbor!
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You also need to take a time line with you to the doctor.  If you need to you can look up time line and see what Quix wrote about making one.

Also, I should have put this first, I'm very sorry for all of these symptoms you are having.  I also have a lot of the same things going on.  It's horrible and scary to have all of this happening and not knowing why.  Hang in there and we will hang with you.

I'll be praying,
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wingnut19, where in Ontario?  I'm in Sudbury.


Well I'm back from my dr's office and she is sending for some bloodwork.  She thinks it's either Polymyalgia Rheumatica or something that some women get after pregnancy,  it is called chands, or chians.  something like that.  

Does anyone knw what this could be?

Thands in advance.
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