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New to site. Experiencing various symptoms over a year. No DX.

Found this site -after searching the cause for my lft foot, 4th toe has been twitching for 7 days..No change in meds.,This started one day sitting, I felt about what seemed to be a inch long wiggle like worm on my low spine. Not a nerve twitch.It lasted a about 10 sec. stopped and came back shortly. I actually though, " This is ridiculous/ Is there a bug on my back?" . I didn't mention to anyone, fear they would think I lost my mind..more so. Started experience extreme dizziness 10/2015., if I lay on my left, I will pass out. dx was narcolepsy and chronic fatigue., from neurologist and endo. Hoshimotos., Had a brain mri 11/2015 found a anachroid cyst on left frontal lobe. Told it is not the cause and no reason to alarm probably born with it. Prescribed Modifinal.
Today, I am on celebrex. for musculature pain..dont know why. I have days where I just cant 'get with it' .I have experienced loss of bladder. Embarrassing . I will be 44. I get confused easily., get lost driving the other day at docs office., when I am talking my mind will go blank and forget what I am saying. I am waiting the results of my echo and stress test of my heart. I am on gluten free diet and try to get as much walking in as my body can take. I do not drink or have not taken 'street' drugs. My Thyroid labs came back in range.However, my CRP levels always shows very high. I had valley fever at 2 and mononucleosis in 4th grade..(no, I wasn't 'kissing") I have been healthy and never sick up until 10/2015.. it all hit me at once.  Would appreciate honest feedback please. I am sick of going to docs. and wasting time. I have a great cardiologists. I will find out 10/14 if my test are cleared. I wonder if there is a good Rhuematologist in AZ or what type of doc. is suggested for these crazy symptoms? Thank You all.
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Hi and welcome,

To be honest I doubt what you've mentioned would be related to you having an additional medical condition like MS.....you've already been diagnosed with Thyroid Hoshimotos, and on top of that Narcolepsy, the most commonly associated symptom of Narcolepsy is excessive daytime sleepiness, which probably why you been dx with Chronic Fatigue as well, the constant level of fatigue could genuinely account for the cognitive issues you've been experiencing.

You don't mention it but the second most commonly associated symptoms of Narcolepsy is Cataplexy, this basically causes sudden loss of muscle tone, weakness and loss of voluntary muscle control. IF you don't have a specific medical explanation, it's 'possible' for you to also be experiencing mini cataplexic attacks to explain the muscle and foot lift/drop issues......I would highly recommend you consider consulting with a health care provider that specialises in Narcolepsy.    

Hope that helps.......JJ
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