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No contrast MRI

I had a no contrast  MRI  due to other medical issues., how well will the DR agree or disaggree the dx of MS.
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Hi! and welcome to the forum.  I don't completely understand what you are asking.  An MRI will still show all of the lesions, but they will appear to be the same age.  When a lesion enhances with the contrast, then the Dr. knows that it is newer than the other ones and it helps point toward to MS.  However, most people get diagnosed even without enhancing lesions.

Why don't you tell us what you are going through?  Are you still waiting for a diagnosis?

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To : Quixotic 1

Hi! I am driving myself nuts over my brain MRI (w / w/o) on 3/24/2009. I was sent for it by my chronic pain doc due migraines and arm numbness. They called with results and said I have MS and they need to send me to Neuro. I read through the results (they were unable to tell me hardly anything) and there was a small intensity after the GD but the radiologist says she thinks may be artifact. However, before the GD it shows MANY lesions of varying sizes and locations. She wrote that they were suspicious of MS but could be LYME or encephalomyelitis, but since I had sub-cortical U-fiber involvement it suggests MS over the other two. I have read these online sites and found that I have possibly had MS symptoms since 2004. I also had shoulder surgery prior to that and all the specialists I saw chalked up my symptoms to that or my feet or TMJ or a cs dermatome. This is the first MRI of my brain ever.  I am terrified by what all these lesions mean and how long I might have had this if it is MS. Please help explain!
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Hi MilitaryWifey,
I know shell has asked you to repost this as a new thread so more will see it, but I wanted to tell you here quickly that the best thing you can do is educate yourself about this MiSerable disease to calm the fears.  

Remember MS won't kill us - it just complicates life for many and for others it is hardly noticeable.  When you get your new post up I'll write to you more but in the meantime here is a post I wrote about lesions - I hope it helps you to understand the quantity of lesions is not important, its wherer they are that counts.


welcome again,
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