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Not doing well...

First oof I'm not sure what I write here will be readable or not since I am a little bit out of it due to pain medication and my eyes being very blurry.

The last few weeks have been really bad for me in many ways. I still am having very painful; MS hug going on every few days that is lasting for several days at a time. If that was not bad enough I started off with another bout of TN yesterday ( which is why I have teken the pain med). This time the pain has been worse than previous bouts and I had to take a double does of pain med in order to sleep last night.

It also hasn't help having to deal with my friend Dave's health problems at the same time. Thanksgiving noght he was taken to the hospital via ambulance and I ended up not getting any sleep that night waiting fora call from whichever hospital he was taken to. They nver called and it wasn't until about 9AM the next morning when Dave called me to find out he was again at the VA hospital. It turned out he had anopther blockage in his intestine and pancreatitus. They kept him until Monday afternoon for that. In the mean time I had to make several trips to his place in order to take care of his dog Buddy.

Then yesterday ( WED.) evening he called me up to take him to the VA hospital again as he was having blood in his urine and was in a lot of pain. During the entire night I was in agony as I could not take any pain meds and still be able to drive home. We didn't get home from thr ER until 4AM this morning and it wasn;t until 5AM that the pain meds worked good enough to alow me to get any sleep. Th ER doctor decided that he had UTI and Kidney infection and gave him an antibiotic that I'm not familiar with. I suspect they think the infection was from his last stay at the hostipal and the cath he had then as it was only about 24 - 46 hours after he got out that the infection hit him.

Well I guess I should take some more pain med and try to get some more sleep. I am hoping that this layest bout of TN will be short lived ( 3 -4 days) like it normally acts up. I also hope that people will be able to figure out what I have wriitten here. I know that I have mis spleeled some stuff as I can see the red underline of words. But I can see good enough to figure out what the words are in order to fix then.

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I don't think Dennis is being used at all.  I think he is acting like a good friend would act.  He is obviously able to get Dave to the hospital even when he himself is not feeling well.  People makes sacrifices for friend.  It is part of being loving toward each other.  I do agree that when Dennis feels like a whipped puppy and does these things, he does so out of an act of charity.  Dennis is not in the hospital.  Dave is.  Dennis goes the extra mile for another being.  If it were reversed, I am willing to bet Dave would be there for Dennis.  I wish I had a friend like Dennis...errr...actually I do!  And it has worked both ways over our 35 years of friendship.
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I've thought of you several times this week - when the deer crossed my yard and when I  was creating a new cookie recipe wondering what to call it! -I was thinking you were probably struggling with this MonSter since you hadn't been around much.

I can offer absolutely no suggestions for you other than call those doctors or get into the ER and insist on some type of treatment.  

In the meantime, I will continue to hope that Dave's health improves, and does it soon.  You both have had way too many problems as of late.

hugs to you,
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Dennis, you and Dave have been and will be in our prayers.
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i'll say hang in there, take a med and try to get some rest. many on here know first hand and empathize with the chronic pain issues.

and external stressors seem to always kick it up a notch or two or three...

stay the course, we're here for ya
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Dennis,  first off, you communicate beautifully and are able to convey your situation, frustration and physical pain very well.  I know you are good friends with Dave and that you care about him.  I am thinking along the lines as Sarah did, that there must be a different way for him to get there, but as long as you keep filling in, he doesn't need to find a different way.  

I think he is either taking advantage of you or he doesn't know the extent of your illness.  The fact that he continuously calls you to help him makes me think he doesn't take you seriously.  

You need to take care of yourself first!  If you weren't there someone else or an ambulance would have to pick him up.  Does he listen to your pain and offer help on this level?

I am sorry that you are in such pain Dennis, placing your health needs under the health needs of a friend is going to end up bad.  It's not worth it, you have to take care of you first.

Lots of love and hugs

I wonder if you are being used up.  

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I am so sorry for what you are going through and on top of that having to help take care of your friend dave. You are a champ to be in so much pain and still be there for him.

Neither of you deserve all of this pain and suffering. I hope the TN is short lived and you feel better real soon. I am thankful I have never had TN and I am hoping I never do.

Take Care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Let us know how you are feeling when you can.

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Feel better, Dennis....  TN pain is a terrible thing...  I feel for you...

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Dennis I am sorry you and Dave are having a terrible time. Neither of you deserve anymore pain. You have both been through so much.

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Hi Dennis

It is lovely to hear from you but I am so sorry to hear what you have been through.  You are a very unselfish person and have put yourself out time and time again to support Dave. I am aware from what you have shared before that there does not appear to be anyone else who could take him to hospital in an emergency...but if you were bedbound and incapacitated someone else would have to...or he would have to call emergency.

Please take care of yourself....as you own health is reminding you that you need rest and our bodies need to be listened to. I really hope that you are feeling better soon.

Best wishes

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It might be a good idea to hire a responsible teen to walk the dog for awhile.  Just a suggestion.
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Sorry things are not going well for you again. Sounds like Dave has a wonderful friend in you. You aren't selfish , you take  care of your friend who can not help himself . I personally belief in pay it forward and that your turn at having an easy time will soon come with the help of someone like Dave , returning the favor.

Hoping the TN is gone soon! Get some rest as you are able.
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I will pray for you & Dave.

Sorry you are having so much pain.

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