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Not sure if MS

I have an appt. next week to Nuerologist.  I have alot of the symptoms for MS.  burning tingling almost daily, Is it odd to be diagnosed at 45 yrs old.  I have had autoimmune problems for over 20 years, tested for lupus ect.  Get heat hives, joint pain.  the tingling is rather new, had it since June. Started out as like asleep, now its a burning tingling, and its in my fore ares, thighs and calves. Also feel like I have heel spurs in both feet and top of right foot very painful.
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Welcome! We're happy that you found our community.  there is a lot of information about MS in our health pages (yellow icon, upper right side of this page) that might help you to prepare for your appt.  

You definitely have something going on and deserve to know what that might be.

stay in touch here, ok?

be well
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Thanks,  Reading alot of the symptoms from several people on this site, symptoms that I have had during the last 8 -9 years, and doctors have never even suggested  my seeing a neurologist, They have checked me for lupus, heart problems, spinal tap, looking for miningitis(sp?) and what seems like a million other things. Then when I got this last episode of burning -numbness Has been going on since June. I had just come off a round of antibiotics, so a t first they thought it migh be a reaction to them. When it didn't go away, I finally requested to see a specialist.

First time (2001) my face was numb,  arms and fingers, I was dizzy and had a sharp pain in my eye and severe headace (behind my eye.) Coudn't focus, my left eye looked like I used a red marker on it, blood red!   I was at a gas station and almost past out, They called a squad, and ER said it was a panic attack.  I was numb and trembling for a couple days. I have not had one panick attack before or since then, so not sure it was a panic attack.  Either way, it looks as though maybe they'll start testing and maybe eventually I can find out whats going on.  
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Hi there... 45 is not old to get any DX... I got Dx at 55...

hang in there and hope you find answers soon
let us know how it goes..
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Welcome.  Sounds like something is going on. I could not guess. I hope you get some answers soon.

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