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Numb butt

Just tonight I developed a numb left buttock and tingling leg right down to the foot, especially the top of the foot.  And the leg aches like I've been sitting on my knees for too long.  Anyone relate??
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It could be a disc problem or your nerves.  Do you take anything for neuropathic pain?  I'm on nuerotin and it helps with the numbness and tingling, but I do experience break through numbness and tingling.

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I'd like to know. Both of my hands fall asleep every night before the rest of me does. I'v been wanting to ask that question. Only the unasked question goes unanswered.
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It made me laugh to read the title to your question because my kids call people a "Numb butt" when they have been sitting around being lazy. They are funny kids.....

I am constantly numb in my feet. I get occsionaly tingling in my face and legs as well. I don't know of any ways to make it stop but I can relate.


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this is only a guess,  its sounds like it might be disc problems.
I've had two back surgeries... so I can relate...

To Cat33,  you also might have disc problems in the neck.

take care
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I get a numb bum and leg if I sit for too long.  The top of my foot is often numb.  I don't know if it's MS related or related to me back
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Thank you all for your comments.  I don't take any pain medication at this stage because I have no idea what's wrong with me.  I have so many weird symptoms.The numb butt (lol) is just something that happened last night and one other time last month. In one of my other posts I mention all the other symptoms.  I've just had a brain MRI and haven't heard anything back from that so I assume it's all clear. It was a week ago today. I'm not usually an anxious type of person and I'm physically active and in reasonably good shape (considering I've had 10 children) so I just don't know.  Must be all in my head.  That's what I'm expecting to be told. :)  Anyway thank you all for your input. Cheers
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Hold on a second...10 kids?!  Good lord, how do you do it?
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haha 5 of them have left home now.  I have 3 grandchildren.  my eldest child is about to turn 30 and my youngest is just 2.  Lol   I LOVE big families.
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OMG!  I love big families too, but a 28 yr age difference?!  You must have patience of a saint!
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Did some of these symptoms you are concerned about hit shortly after the birth of your 2 year old?
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No most of my symptoms started in April  (blurred vision in Feb) and he turned 2 in June.
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Ah, just wondering as my symptoms seemed to come to light shortly after I quit breast feeding.
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Wow, ten kids! Amazing and yes, you must have the patience of a saint :D

I don't know if this is even remotely related, but when I first saw your post title I thought, "oh, someone else has this too!"

Maybe TMI, yet when I need to go number two, I get a tingling in that region. I haven't seen any posts about that and it sounds so weird that I never have said anything about it. Does that happen to you as well?

Hugs, Minnie :)
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I've only had that happen once during a very weird episode I had.  I will copy and paste my journal entry into this post just for your interest.

August 31st, 2012: Bed at 11pm, been feeling fine all day. Suddenly had incredible tingling all over buttocks quickly followed by urgent need to have a bowel motion. While on the toilet, the shakes started. I went back to bed and they subsided and I drifted off to sleep. Was woken about 20minutes later and straight away my heart started madly fluttering. When I refer to palpitations I’m meaning the heart skipping a beat, like an irregular heartbeat. This was not like that. This was like my heart was going a hundred miles an hour, like I had a large butterfly trapped in my heart , but when I felt the pulse in my neck it was a little faster than normal but not racing. At the exact same time that this was happening I had numbness go down both of my arms and the fourth and fifth fingers on each hand both went numb. All of this lasted for only about a minute and then the fluttering subsided and at the exact same time the numbness started decreasing. All was normal again. Then about 10mins later I had that sudden tingling sensation all over my buttocks again and once again the need to move my bowels. Not diarrhea but an urgent need to evacuate. It’s like my body just suddenly has to empty out. Slight shakes afterwards but ok enough to jump on the computer and write this while it was fresh in my mind.

I had an episode like this in April, one in June, one in July, then 3 in August.  Haven't had another one since. Now I seem to have all numbness/tingling/pain issues instead  along with daily intermittent blurring of vision.

And as far as being a saint goes......HA!   ME??? no way.  I lose the plot as good as anyone else. LOL  Just ask my kids :)
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Your right about disk problems. Among all my other problems I have two or three disks that are ruptured and degenerative disk.  Right now I'm rather concerned about my liver. I seem to be getting more symptoms but no one even want's to listen anymore.
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I just about laughed when I read your post above!  I have Lyme that mimics MS, and I have had significant tingling across my rear when I need to go #2, too! I had it for a couple months last fall before diagnosis, and it has come and gone several times since then. I usually don't have a whole lot of time to get to a bathroom once the tingling starts. As soon as I go, the tingling stops.

I was almost too embarrassed to tell my neuro, but he was kind and I trusted him, so I mentioned it. He kept his gaze and kindly repeated what I said as a question. I could tell he hadn't heard this before and was actively maintaining his professionalism.  I tried not to laugh, at both myself and because I figured he would be laughing later and probably sharing it with colleagues. I quickly changed the subject.

Mum2Ten -

Your diary entry sounds a lot like an episode of defecation syncope, a specific kind of vasovagal syncope. Have you told your doctor about it?  (While vasovagal syncope is a neurological issue, I don't think it has anything to do with blurry vision.)
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Lol, well, at least I know I am not the only one who has that happen. It is very strange and I don't know if I could ever bring myself to mention it and keep a straight face. Rico, I really admire your doctor's self-control! ;)
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