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OT Spell Checker

I just finished downloading the Firefox Browser and am loving the spelling checker. You can even add on a medical dictionary to the spelling checker. I also added a reminder add-on that seems really great as well. Maybe now I won't forget to take out my trash on garbage day like I do so often when I get busy on the Internet in the morning.

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I've been using Firefox for over a year now, and love it. The spell checker is super nice. I didn't know they had a medical dictionary, thanks for the heads up on that.
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    Hmmm, i have not added the firefox Browser.  
Things to do this week:

1).Add Firefox Browser to computer..(Do I just Google it then add it?)

2) Neuro Appt on Tuesday

3) Still getting ready for Daughters Graduation Parties (Oh yes! She can't just have ONE!..Lol)

4)  I am hoping to work out in my Courtyard...As I have bought some new plants and and some Decorations to put out....

5) Bible study....And Rest!


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Yes all you have to do is google it and follow the link to the Firefox download page. Once there just download it and install the program. ( And it is free)!

They seem to have tons of add-ons for the browser. I have been using one called "reminderfox" that is working real great for me. Lots of times I will think of things I have to do while on-line but by the time I get my calendar up I forget what it was I wanted to do. With this thing all I do is right click my mouse to bring up a calendar to enter whet it is that I need to do. Once the item is entered every time you start up firefox a window will come up to remind you of things you have to do in the future. I have been using it to remind me to look up things I find out about in the to do list that is also part of the add-on.

Another one that looks pretty interesting is called "wussap". It is a chat add-on that allows people on the same site to chat. It seems like this would be a great way to have a chat room here at medhelp without really having one. It basically makes a side window in the browser where you can chat with other people on the site that also has the wussap add-on.

Take care...
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