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OT - the place where you live

I LOVE seeing where other people live. Not stalking them or anything mental like that, but the countryside and things an area may be renowned for.

I just looked at google images after Quix referred to Columbia Gorge. I went WOW! Absolutely beautiful!

I live in Canberra, Australia. I was born here, though have lived in Surey in the UK, and Wellington NZ, and other places around Australia.

Anyway, I am curious: what is your area famous / infamous for? Or isn't it?

Mine is famous for politicians, bushfires (wildfires) and tourists getting lost because there are lots of circles / roundabouts on the roads. I love it because it is well planned, easy to find things, and currounded by mountains and bush.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!


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I'm from the area that is home to the Wright Brothers - Orville and Wilbur were born and raised in this area.  Sorry, North Carolina, Dayton is the birthplace of airplane aviation even though they made their first flight at Kittyhawk.

We are also the home of many inventors - the cash register came from Dayton, the electric starter for cars, and the pull tab for cans.  Erma Bombeck and Paul Laurence Dunbar  are just two of our famous writers.  

The largest employer in our area is Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  A lot of BRAC changes are making even more jobs available on the base.

We were an industrial manufacturing town and currently our unemployment rate is high, thanks in large part to hthe closing of GM factories. The great flood of 1913 almost wiped Dayton off the map - it survived the flood and hopefully will also survive the loss of all these jobs.

This is probably more than you need or want to know, but I wasn't sure what to cut out of our hometown tale.

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I live by Shuswap Lake in the south interior of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Shuswap Lake is known for 1000kms of shorline and is a huge holiday destination, especially for houseboats. It boasts dozens of marine access provincial parks offering camping, swimming, fishing, hiking and general relaxing.

Nearby is the famous Adams river sokeye salmon run (a big year for sokeye this year). The salmon actualy have to travel through the western tip of Shuswap lake to enter the Adams river.

I'm fortunate to live in such a great part of the province.

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I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Home to the headquarters of Coca-Cola, Martin Luther King and family, Usher the singer, Todd Perry  (actor), birthplace of Julia Roberts and Jeff Foxworthy . Oh also, Evander Holyfield , Emanuel Lewis (short statured person who played in the Webstar TV show) The founder of Chik -fil- A, Truett Cathy and his family. Actually his son lives just a mile from my house.

We were the host city for the Olympics in 1996 and the Olympic Torch still is lit next to the stadium where the Braves baseball team lives.

We are also known as Hotlanta and this summer certainly fits that description even if it was coined to mean an exciting destination  it is also home to stifling heat in the summer since we are totally land locked with no breezes and high humidity.

OK, guess that's enough GA history.

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I live in Illinois about 50 miles south of Chicago,  in my 50 years we've had three governors go to jail & we might have our fourth very soon. Rod Blagojevich.  
Cook County is where Chicago is, and its know as CROOK COUNTY..  for good reason.

Obama is from Illinois and when he comes to Chicago the ground all air traffic for 150 miles around him,  people complain when he  takes a motorcade,  it really is a mess during rush hour.

Our Lake  Michigan is jewel, however hot & humid during the summer & I don't think the winters are bad.

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AH, how marvellous! I think I would travel a lot if I (a) had money (b) was well and (c) wasn't totally paranoid about flying.

I'm currently reading a book about Obama and his race against Hillary .

Chicago....my knowledge is limited to that what the Blues Brothers taught me and Oprah. I have heard about corruption there as well. My personal favourite thing is when theBlue Brothers drive their car through the (is it?) Daley building, named after the bloke who had refused them permission to film there, but then he died, so they could, and that scene being a sort of "IN YOUR FACE" thing. LOL

I have read conservative american blogs saying Obama must be a crook becuase he comes from Chicago....

Also the Windy City? I lived in Wellington, NZ, for 4 years - it is reputed to be one of the windiest cities in the world as well......

Atlanta, I think of heat and humidity and the Olympics. And some horrid murders over the years too. Sad really.

I did not know the Wright brothers were from NC. Learn something every day!

Canada, well that goes without saying about beautiful scenery.

Hope to here more from other members ......
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NO, NO, NO.... the Wright Brothers are NOT from NC.  they are from Ohio... Dayton, Ohio which is also where I am from.

the people in NC claim to be the birthplace of airplane flight and we disagree.   The Wrights took their plane from Dayton to the shores of Kittyhawk, NC, to try flying.  They were successful and the first flight was in NC.

But Dayton is the home of the Wrights and where they did all their experiments, and construction leading up to that first flight.

got it now?   Yes, it is confusing to all of us here, too.    LOL

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The Windy City , It has been suggested that politicians are largely responsible for the nickname.

I was just a Kid 1968, but the Democratic Convention had alot problems.

I don't mean to dwell on the bad- Capone & Dillinger made alot head lines, the politicians always prefer not to even have any history of them.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was born in Chicago & she & I share the same birthday- but not the same year..

And Chicago is home to Chicago Bear & I still miss the DA-Coach- or a.k.a Mike Ditka

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I’ve lived in Northern Alberta, Canada for the past 13 years.  I am smack in the middle of the boreal forest on the 65th parallel.  This area is gaining fame/notoriety for the vast oilsands (not ‘tar sands’) that exist up here.  The best description I can come up with is that this is a place of extremes:

the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world
the U.S.’s largest supplier of crude oil

some of the coldest winter temps, minus 40 celsius and sometimes lower
some of the hottest summer temps going to plus 30 celsius and higher

looooong summer days, sunset at around 11pm though you can still see it on the horizon
very short winter days, sun up after 9am and setting before 4pm

home to the largest national park in Canada, one of the largest conservation areas in the world:  
- protects two UNESCO World Heritage sites
- is the only remaining nesting ground of the endangered whooping crane
- is home to one of the world’s largest free-roaming bison herds

has the most beautiful skies I’ve ever seen, especially when aurora borealis/northern lights are visible:
http://www. helloraipur .com/headerimg/big/22.jpg
http://www1. travelalberta .com/UserFiles/Image/EN-North/northern_lights_a_1_DS54.jpg
http:// travel.canoe.ca /Travel/Galleries/2010/07/13/shutterstock_601270.jpg

highest median income in Canada (approx. $130K)

one of the highest real estate markets in Canada
   -$1360 for bachelor apartment
  - $684K for single family dwelling in June 2010 ( up 9% from May)

usually has lowest unemployment rates in the country

most rapid population growth, from 50K to about 80K residents, about 75%, in the 13 years I’ve lived here
huge ‘shadow’ population of workers living in camps, who commute from other cities and provinces for the work
young median age of around 32 years old

Bottom line, my husband and I live here to make a living.  We like our jobs and have a very good employer.  This became significantly more important when I was dx’ed.  My employer medical benefits and income security are better than anything I would get elsewhere.  They have bent over backwards to accommodate me (flex schedule, work from home, work suited to my lower energy level, voice activated software, ergonomic desk set up, etc. etc) We don’t love living here, but we like it enough.  Our closest friends and all our family live elsewhere in Canada.  We travel as much as possible.  This also became more important when I was dx’ed; I decided I wanted to waste no time seeing what I could see of the world in case the day comes when I physically cannot.  I wish we lived closer to the mountains or ocean.  We will not retire here.  If we do live here till we're both 55, we will head either east or west.  I moved all over this beautiful country growing up, and I would be most happy to settle on either coast.  I am leaning towards Vancouver.  If you've never been, you must go!  Mountains AND ocean.  It's amazing.
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I live in Maryland, on the eastern seaboard of the US. We've often been called America In Miniature, because though we're small in area, we have many of the features of the whole country. To the west are the Allegheny Mountains, and our famous Eastern Shore contains lovely ocean beaches and other 'good livin'. The two are separated by the gorgeous Chesapeake Bay. (For many years my car has worn Treasure the Chesapeake tags, and I do.) We have beautiful valleys and some spectacular horse-breeding country.

Maryland is very much a sailor's state, and a seafood-eater's paradise. We are especially known for our oysters and wonderful crabs (in season now---mmmm). Our only really big city is Baltimore,  and it's a place with *character*. Lots of great restaurants, interesting neighborhoods, and general funkitude. There even is a HonFest every spring.

One fun thing about living in this area is that we can get to lots of other places quickly. New York City, Phila and DC are not that far. In fact, I could drive from home to the White House (still waiting for an invitation :-) ) in less than 90 minutes. There are loads of other places in easy range, but staying home is fine too.

We have the standard problems of taxes, poverty and so on, and we have hot, humid summers. But winters are *usually* relatively mild. Spring and fall are gorgeous. At this stage in my life I could live anywhere. Most of my family and nearly all my oldest friends have moved on due to marriage, careers, and so on, but I like where I live and the new friends I have made.

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ha ha u do not wanna c where i live ( believe me ) especially after reading all these beautiful places  that the ms community live at  

i live in birches head stoke on trent staffordshire england  xxxxxxx

jan xx
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I live in Durham North Carolina home of big tobacco, well now it is the city of Medicine with Duke University and Medical center built by big tobacco. I am close both the to the mountains or the ocean. We have a lot of art and music. We have great writers. There is always something free or cheap culturally to do.

Durham used to be a small city but it is being over developed. I am for growth but they build houses no one lives in and shopping centers that never fill. More woods and farm land goes every day. The wildlife have no here to go. It makes me sad.

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I love! Chesapeake Bay, and Baltimore: birthplace of John Waters...definitely a place with character!
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HAHAHAHA HVAC, that is hilarious in a sick way, a medical centre built by  big tobacco!!!!

"Only in America"?? LOL  

Sorry, I have a black sense of humour!

On a serious note, lack of foresight by planners re: environment can be so awful. I lived in Brisbane, Queensland, for 5 years and was horrified at the lack of thought and rules when developers would come in and destroy forests without a care  just to build ugly factories.

Now I am back in an ultra-green area, where arguments about building can go on for decades because a lizard lives in the area proposed for building! One extreme to the other!
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I live in Lincoln, Nebraska (USA). Nebraska is home to Johnny Carson (rip), Warren Buffett calls Omaha home, birthplace of Malcom X, we invented Kool-Aid, a member of music group Maroon 5 is also from Nebraska. Of course you can't mention Nebraska with thinking of Husker football. Yes our team has gone through the dumps the past decade but we'll come back.
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I live in the South of France.

We have a LOT famous people with second homes here that we see from time to time - example, Price Charles 10 mins away, and Jonny Depp, and then the Beckhams.

We always know when they're here as the helicopters fly over :))))


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I live in Southeastern Connecticut, on the shoreline. I was raised here and moved back to the area 13 years ago.

Growing up here was great. It was still a rural area, with lots of farms and I was fortunate to work on several as a kid. The area is also right smack dab between Boston and New York, so that we had the sophisticated cultural influences of both cities and easy access to both. School trips were often to either city. Also, great sports teams in both cities which generates quite the divide of loyalty in the state. The biggest rivalry is still the Red Sox vs. the Yankees; if you read between the lines, you might be able to guess my loyalty by my listing of the teams!

Connecticut weather is typical for any New England state. In the words of Mark Twain, "If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes", because the weather can change on a dime. We do have four traditional seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall. We are also very fortunate overall not to experience much in terms of severe weather; with our proximity to both Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, a lot of weather systems steer away from us or lose their punch along the way.

Topography is very pleasant here. SECT is heavily wooded, with rolling hills inland and marshland on the shoreline. There is a large variety of wildlife here. We are also home to the origin of Lyme Disease, which was first noted in Lyme, CT. I live less than 3 miles from an interstate highway, yet I still see lots of wildlife in my neighborhood and property.  And just what those might be? Deer, rabbits, skunks, bobcats, coyotes, more bird species than one can count (including bald eagles), snakes and the list could go on and on.

Robert Frost wrote in the poem “Mending Wall”, “Good fences makes good neighbors.”  New England, which includes Connecticut, has its unique manner of socializing, with people very much valuing their privacy. For people not from the Northeast, this can be hard, especially during the winter months when people do not go out as often.

Gosh durn it, I found a beautiful picture to post, but the comment box doesn't give me the option. Maybe I'll post it in my profile.
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Central Florida, home of the world-famous mouse, and known as "Theme Park Central."

Lived here since early childhood, waaaay before Disney.

But there's lots more that's good here -- 30 minutes to the beach; can watch space launches from our yard;  lots of outdoor activities -- to the detriment of cultural opportunites, since folks want to be swimming, golfing, etc instead of being indoors for the arts.

We live on a rare (for our area) 13-acre wooded lot, 15 minutes from downtown.  We have too many raccoons, possums, otters, wild pigs, etc;  currently have a nest of baby hawks in one of our trees.  Last year, there was an 8-foot gator in our front yard -- had it trapped & relocated.

In summer, we love to head to the North Carolina mountains!
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This is fascinating - thanks so much everyone!

Janbubears, I'm sure Stoke-On-Trent has as much going for it as other places (though sometimes it can be hard to see until you're not there any more!) I reckon the historical side of that area must be chock-full of interesting stuff.

Shermay - wow! I always find it slightly mind-boggling trying to imagine the amount of money those people must have. One of my best friends is currently holidaying in France- she is in Lyon at the moment.

I thought I just read someone saying they can see space shuttles blasting off.....but now I cannot see it. Maybe I am going mad...oh, ther eit is MsmsinFl.........WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE NASA!!!  About 20 miles from where i am is Tidbinbilla Tracking Station, which is the NASA base here, and it has the original 'dish' that was at Honeysuckle Creek in 1969, and it beamed the very first pictures of Armstrong on the moon.

My son and I went there for a look a month ago: it's just amazing thinking of all those Big Bang Theory-types working away there every day.

The biggest satellite dish they have there is still picking up signals from Voyager 1 (or was it 2?) that was launched in the 70s. The man showing us around said it is now 4 times as far from the earth as Pluto. They expect to lose the signal in the next decade. It takes 18 hours for the signal to reach earth.

I thought it was amazing!

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Yep-- when I was growing up here, "Space" was the big novelty -- once the mousehouse arrived, NASA took a back seat.

My Dad was a structural engineer, and worked on the VAB design;  as a young adult working for him I was able to go inside it -- that's where the shuttles are worked on.  Too fun!
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You already know about the Columbia Gorge, but I also live within sight of Mount St. Helens.  Not to worry, it blew northward, away from where I live.  We can also see Mount Hood, the iconic mountain of Portland.

You know that you live in the Pacific Northwest if at any location you can point to at least 3 volcanos.  There is a chain of volcanos rising singularly from northern California to Alaska.  When people hear Shasta, Lassen, Crator Lake, Mount Bachelor, Three Sisters, Mount Jefferson, and Mts. Hood, Helens, Ranier, Adams, and Baker I don't think people realize they are all volcanos.   Historically Shasta has been the most active and Mounts Hood and Ranier are due any time now - geologically speaking.

So much for worrying about a subDUCtion earthquake and tsunami.  I still think that a subluxation earthquake sounds okay....


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OK I have been thinking about what I can say about Tennessee for days now.

We are know for some... how to put this gently,...Intellectually Challenged people.  In  a nearby city instead of build a bridge over some creeks they just pour a cement slab across the bed. This means that there is almost always an inch or two of water flowing over the street...and when it rains forget it.  Also last year ( I think) they changed the gun laws so that people are now allowed to bring handguns into bars and restaurants Think about that one. :) And if that isn't bad enough one of the people running for Governor want to do away with all gun laws so that even criminals can legally carry concealed handguns.

There are several noteworthy people from TN that include President James K.Polk ( 11th),  Alvin C York ( WWI hero), Davy Crockett,  and President Andrew Jackson (7th) and Elvis Presley..

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I live in Okeechobee FL. hence the "chobee" in chobee1kenobi. lol. We are directly above the big lake in the center of florida AKA Lake Okeechobee. Thats really our only claim to fame. Small town with a whole lotta nothing to do, unless you like playing in mud or fishing, those are the only options. But its quiet, and I like it.
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Sailorsong..............umm..............LOL!!!!  I'm thinking Cleetus the Slack Jawed Yokel from the Simpsons after your description...........you know that guns-in-bars legislation was deemed so nutty it even made the news way over here.
Is there anythin nice there? Scenery or weather? or are you too busy hiding from drunks with guns to notice ?? LOL sorry, couldn't resist!

Chobee, I ahve to say Obi Wan is my favourite, but more because of Ewan McGregor than anything else.
Mud and fishing is grand if that's what you like.

Quix, hot stuff with all those volcanos!

MsmsFl, shame disney is deemed more interesting than NASA.....I looked at Cape Canaveral on google earth and got a right old buzz seeing all the launch pads. I think you are fortunate to live near and to have experienced something so mind-bogglingly huge in man's history.
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I am really getting frustrated...I just lost my post again and it was not short.  I dont seem to do a thing..it was disappears.  I wish they would fix that.

This will be shorter, if that is possible..lol

I have  lived in California since I was 9 mo. old. first near Ventura, in Ojai.   That is the nearest to So Ca that i have lived.

We moved north  to a small. town So. of Shasta, i was out of there in 4 yrs.  I got married  and moved to SF, got my first job and loved it there.  I had found my calling... but 13-14 yrs later  moved to the central Coast, loved it there too..the beaches are fantastic !!  But we moved back to The SF bay area again a few years later.

Now we are in Lake Co., we live on the side of a volcano called Mt.Konocti.   Its beautiful up here AND Is the place I complain about all the because I like to get out sometimes. There is not much for me up here now.  And I can't drive.....

hugs, meg
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