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OT: Anyone ever considered a forum roundup?

Hey everyone.
Every day I wake up and look on the forum
Every night before I go to bed, I look on the forum.

In the beginning it was to see what people posted about ms symptoms and questions.
Now I look on the forum because I am genuinely concerned about the people and how everyone is doing.

This lead me to my question.
Has anyone ever considered planning a forum roundup?
I realize it would be difficult with scheduling, accommodations, etc.

I was just wondering.
If there was someone willing, me, to plan something like that, how many people would really be interested.

Just a thought.  I live on the east coast and would most like set it up here but after seeing who would be interested and where everyone is located, i could start working on it.


Don't feel bad if noone is interested.  I understand financial, physical and privacy issues may be a factor.
I won't be insulted.

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Some of us get together when we are in the same neck of the woods. Some went to the MS expo in Kentucky this year. It is very exciting to meet folks in person. I am pretty cash strapped and can't drive long distances anymore.

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Hi Kerri,

I've thought about this myself and it would be wonderful... As with many of us my biggest problem would be traveling a long distance... I don't drive so I would have to fly or do some type of public transportation... This kind of makes it difficult... By the way I live in Oklahoma...

The heartland of our country would be a wonderful place for a round up...haha.. hint hint!!!

I'll be praying,
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Pick a hub for a discount airline in the central US.  That would save on airfare. Maybe Denver or Chicago Midway via Southwest?

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I woiuld love that and I am in the Dallas, Tx area.  I would try my best to go wherever it would be.  I can drive but I also have 2 little one's here with me.  But I think it's a great idea and I love it!

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If you plan it, I will plan on coming!!! The idea has been kicked around for at least a year if not longer. Meeting someone in person is great. I've had the pleasure of meeting about 6 of the forum and it has been great!

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I have thought of this many many times.  It would be wonderful to meet in person and get to know each other.  We would have a blast!

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So far it sounds like we may have some takers.

I would probably have to get an idea of what the best month and location would be for the serious adventurers nd then work out the details.

Start shooting out ideas and I will put something tentative together.

It wouldn't happen in the next few months but I was thinking shooting for a timeframe so tht it would be doable for anyone who was interested.

I would obviously tke into account those who the most disabled to make it easier for them.

Thanks.  So exciting.

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Are the Canadians invited?  :)  If so, I'd do my best to make it there.  I'm out west and far north so I'm used to travelling long distances for any kind of getaway.   Hopefully I'd find my passport in time.
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This sounds like it could actually happen... My suggestion would be since cooler weather will be here in a couple of months it might be better to plan something for Spring... This would also give us time to save money to make the trip... Let's start hearing some suggestions from everyone...


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hee hee  make it canada-- i love it there!!- now you need a pasport! or you cant get in- il never get to go there again---  oh its beautiful!!  but back to reality- ohio-kentucky-maybe virginia- blue ridge park way- well then most wouldnt have to travel but a couple states??
im in indiana
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It would be great if we could meet in Virginia.
At least for me.

But I am more mobile than others.
Start giving me ideas of what states are easiest for everyone.

Keep working.
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It would be easier for me to be as close to Oklahoma or Arkansas as possible... I'm in a wheelchair and it's hard for me to travel long distances because of my pain... With that said I would try to make it where ever we decided to meet...

Maybe everyone can post what state we live in and that will give us a better idea of where everyone will be coming from...

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You might want to think of an event or activity to center this gathering around.  The MS Expo in Louisville happens every July.  That is one possibility.

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That's a very good idea Lulu... Also that would give us plenty of time to get prepared...

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Louisville would be a great place for a gathering.  I'm excited!  We could plan different activities, things that all of us could do.  But nothing formal.  

What fun that would be

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we need to find out where everyone lives too, that would help nail down a meeting place.  

I am in Ann Arbor, MI
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I can definitely get to Kentucky and July os far enough away.
Maybe we could block out a bunch of hotel rooms.
Keep the ideas coming.
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KY is great for me!  I'm only a couple of hours away from Louisville!
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Someplace cool would be nice.  Or at least well air conditioned. :)
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The Rocky Mountain MS Center in Colorado has interesting educational programs for MS patients.  Maybe plan something around that?  Or a similar facility elsewhere?
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It sounds like a terrific idea.

I am in Flint, Michigan, so Red and I could even possibly carpool.  Any other Michganders could join in, too.  That would certainly lighten expenses.

I also like Lulu's idea of having it around another happening like the MS Expo.  Even the one mentioned in Colorado would be a possibility.  July-next, would be good for being able to get financially ready.

I like this, I really do.

Most sincerely,
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Great idea !  Other than a lot of us probably cant make it easily, but don't let that stop you.

Right now I can't get up from bed  without getting sick...


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yeh no matter where it will be there will be some that just cant go that far-  but lulu- my hubby has a sister in bowling green!! so humm!!  maybe!!- its pretty there- love virginia wow- its pretty  the blue ridge parkway is something!!  but dont no- i dont drive, keep thinking!!   it would be great to meet all of you!
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bumping so this great idea isn't lost.  :)
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