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OT - 15 Minutes of Fame

Well, I got my 15 minutes of fame in a full page ad in April's issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine (pg 83).  Kind of a cool thrill.  Too bad I can't play for more than about 20 minutes at a time, or it would be the perfect vehicle to start touring and selling all those darn CDs gathering dust in my front room.  I keep hoping my strength comes back.

I asked a neuro about this issue, being 4 months out from my last flair, and was it permanent?  She told me to wait another few months before I regard it permanent.  I'm hoping not, but I can only take things one day at a time.

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Too cool!  

I wonder if Border's carries Acoustic Guitar Magazine; I'll have to check out page 83 if they do.  I should order one of your CDs; been thinking about asking you how but keep forgetting.  I know you told us once...

I hope you get your strength back.  I'll watch your show when you hit Portland and buy your latest CD when you're on tour.  Woo hoo!


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Wow a rock star!

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I think that is awesome! It's good to hear good news on this board from time to time!!
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Way to go g/f :))))

I am so happy for you.  

Take one day at a time, and ALWAYS put your best foot forward, which I know you always do:))))  

As Shell said - YOU ROCK :)))

Love and hugs,

Debs xxxxxxxxx
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What a great thrill!!! I was just thinking about you last night. Must have been the good news finally making over here to east coast.


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So very proud!

Very much agree w/giving it time before deeming it permanent.

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Hey, grrrl, that's great! Go for the gold any way you can.

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Congrats! How exciting!!
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Good for you!  Karen's idea is a great one. Maybe you could do one or two songs at a County or State Fair and then sell Cd's. Where there's a will, women will figure out a way!
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Congratulations!  Most likely you will get more energy back.  Have you considered selling your CD's online?  Perhaps you could kick it off being featured in this magazine???
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