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OT: How I spent my evening

I thought I would share today's experience with the phone company ----

A 60 minute tragic comedy, with two intermissions.

Production notes: Today’s encounter with AT&T left my head spinning- I called about our  intermittent problems with the DSL connection and spent almost 60 minutes repeating the same thing over and over.

Me: I need a technician to come and check my lines. The problem is outside just like it has been over and over the past few years I will agree to pay the charge if the problem is in my house. Just schedule the service call, please.

AT&T:  How may I help you?  Would you tell me your problem ?

Me: (slower this time) (I repeat the above) : I need a technician to come and check my lines. The problem is outside just like it has been over and over the past few years I will agree to pay the charge if the problem is in my house. Just schedule the service call, please.

AT&T: I’m sorry we can’t do that.  Can you tell me your problem?

Me: didn’t I just tell you my problem.  (I repeat it again).

AT&T: I have to do a line check…. (long time of silence) still checking  (long time of silence) still checking (even longer time on mute and silence) …still checking.

Me: I think you are caught in a loop. You have been checking my line for over 15 minutes and should know by now that what I have said to you is correct. There is a problem in my line outside and I need a technician to come and fix it.

AT&T: I have to do a line check, so please wait.  (And we repeat the above sequence- hold, check, hold, check…)

AT&T: what about the filters on your phone line? I need to check your lines without the filters.

Me: we went over that last time I had problems on my lines and they are all ok.  Would you please just schedule a technician to come out and repair my lines. I will pay AT&t their fee it the problem is in my house

AT&T: Would you unplug all your phone filters and I’ll call you back. I do show a problem on your line.

Me : Oh really, you found a problem  in my lines? ( I give AT&T my cell number) yeah right, that’s what they all say.  You will really call me back?

AT&T: yes. (click)

Me”: (ten minutes later on my cell phone) hello, I am surprised that  you did call me back.

AT&T: I have to do a line check – please hold. I show a problem on your line.

Me: (while I am holding)   Damn AT&T cell connection just dropped my call and I was sitting still. Can you hear me now?

Me: (Look of Surprise – he actually called me again in about 5 minutes.  I guess it takes a long time for the phone to call from India to Ohio.)  Hello.

AT&T: We got disconnected. I will now check your lines.

Me:  AT&T cell service in my house is spotty and that is why the cell phone call was dropped.

AT&T: We will need to do a line check.

Me: No! You can’t do a line check on my cell phone.  Would you please  do what I asked 50 minutes ago and schedule a technician to come to my home and give me the confirmation number?

AT&T:  yes, my line check shows there is a problem on your line. We need to send a technician to check your lines but first they will check them remotely.

Me: I hate to sound ungrateful and rude, but that is what I told you when we started talking 50 minutes ago.

AT&T: when would you like the technician to come? He can be there at your convenience.

Me: Yes, that would be great. I want AT&T to come tomorrow, April 18 or Friday, April 20., Either will work for me.

AT&T: when would you like the technician to come?   He can be there at your convenience.

Me: I thought I just said tomorrow or Friday.  Either will work. Please schedule it and give me the confirmation number

AT&T and  ME:  (we repeat  ‘when would you like the technician to come.  He can be there at your convenience.’ And my  succinct reply additional rounds until we have done this “who’s on first’ routine at least 12 times. )

Me: I’m sorry but I have to ask, are you new at this job?  It sounds like you are having trouble with this.

AT&T: oh no, I have been doing this a long time.

Me: then I have to ask, are you working in the middle of the night in a country on the other side of the world. It sure sounds like you are having to check what you are going to say to me, next.

AT&T: yes.  (followed by dead silence)

Me: can you just schedule the technician to come to my house and fix this problem and give me the confirmation number?

AT&T : I would be happy to do that  - I have been asking you if it would be ok for the technician to come out tomorrow?

Me: why didn’t I think of that? – (sarcasm lost in the translation, I’m sure)  please send the technician out tomorrow.

AT&T: (sets up time and gives me confirmation number then)… I hope you are satisfied with the service you received tonight , Someone from AT& T will call you in ten minutes to do a survey.

Me: Good, because I would like to talk to someone (who understands me, is what I am thinking).

AT&T: thanks…. (but my cell phone gets disconnected with AT&T for the final time and that makes me smile)

Me:  (I am still waiting, over three  hours now, for that follow-up phone call to share my thoughts.)

Closing thought – it is no coincidence that the corporate logo for AT&T resembles the Death Star from Star Wars. May the force be with all of you and you never have to do battle with an AT&T representative.

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I'm pretty sure telephone/internet companies are where Satan sends his minions to work while awaiting the demon apocalypse. (Not including any telephone company employees in our forum, of course).

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sounds just like trying to get an appt with my GP.
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I once had a memorable phone conversation from a carpet cleaning company, who'd commitioned an overseas (English as a second language) company to cold call homes in my area. I couldn't get the guy to understand i didn't have carpet. When he finally did work it out, he went on to offer their furniture steam cleaning services, again i couldn't get the guy to understand i only had leather furniture. When he finally did work it out, he went on to offer their curtain steam cleaning services, by this time i was unable to hide my giggling. It was either a case of stupid guy with language barrier or the guy was really following his 'never accept a no answer' training above and beyond. lol it was frustratingly funny.

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I have had my go arounds with AT&T.  It was most unpleasant!  I have put all the anger behind me and have tried my best to move past it.LOL!  When I read your story just a little bit of PTSD returned!LOL!  
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LOL!!! AT&T is one of the few things I don't miss at all about the US.  When I moved here they kept billing me for several months after I'd cancelled my service and I ended up having to contact the FCC to help me get my money back and blocking them from taking more.  Once I contacted them I got a native English speaker phone call from AT&T finally within about 2 hours and had the money back in my account in about 24 hours, but it shouldn't have to get to that point.  

Thanks for the good laugh, Lulu!  
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LOL Jane!

Messed up, Lu!
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I think I had this same conversation with the same technician 2 years ago.lol
I now ask for someone in the USA to assist me right off the bat and find it works MUCH better!
Thanks for the laugh:-)
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Ah, Ernestine is alive and well, and working outsourced help lines!

"Gracious good evening, is your equipment not working? (snort!)"

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there was so much more to this conversation, and you got the condensed version.  I also posted this on FB and the AT&T forums. I am tired of this because I have easily spent 60+ hours dealing with AT&T messing up my service.  Their social media director did respond to my FB post and asked for my contact information so she can call me. I emailed her and we will see if she follows through.

It turned laughable because as soon as the AT&T rep answered the phone I knew I was in for a long night on the phone.

We have to keep finding things to laugh about, right?
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That call is one of the main reason I got rid of AT&T and switched to verizonwireless home phone connect. No more loosing service due to very very old phone lines, no more 30 minute phone call to their service like your phone call. And it costs less than what AT&T charged for local only with unlimited local & long distance.

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Oh how I feel your pain!!  As I read I kept thinking you were talking to someone in India or Thailand.  Perhaps they get paid to annoy customers as much as possible----so awful to deal with.  I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during that conversation:).  

Can't wait to hear what the rep. will say or do.......hmmmm

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Honestly, you really MUST work on your comunication skills :o)

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It was another long day with AT&T.  The social media manager did call me and listened to my almost one hour litany of how messed up AT&T has been for us the past three years and she swears she can get it right for me.  We'll see.

Their service tech came out today again after just being here yesterday,  and found the problem - there was a software upgrade for the ATT modems two months ago, but our modem didn't get the message. That took care of the problem, or so we thought.  When I went to sign on late this afternoon after running some errands. the system crashed, big time! I finally got it reset by unplugging the modem, but who knows how long that will last.

There were also 4 different AT&T phone messages for me when I got in - seems they do respond to FB postings.   But one of those messages was for me to call the same toll-free number that got me going earlier this week. I have now spent another 3-4 hours today on this problem between their manager, the tech and all the phone messages and returning calls.  

I guess I had nothing better to do during this time  off  recuperating.....
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Welcome to out-sourcing!
sorry that you spent such a needless  waste of time on this idiot. But, then with your toe , it's not like you missed ballroom dancing,lol.

Hope you feel better and better yet I hope your modems feel better yet.

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OMG Lu - just read this - I am sitting at my desk recalling a similar conversation with Comcast who handles my phone, internet and TV

Thanks so much for the Laugh!  - they are so horrible aren't they!
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you all are too funny.  I am again waiting for the tech to arrive between noon and 4 pm, but right now the internet is working.  Go figure..........  
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