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OT happy dance

some of you may have seen my post last week that after my disability hearing the judge wanted to change the date to sept of this year and I would lose all back pay and still have to wait 5 months for a check. well judge talked to my lawyer today and he is awarding me 100 disabled and changed the date to May of 2011 I applied march 2011 so only a couple of months difference . I still will get alot of back pay and start benefits now. though it wont bring back my house or other things I have lost along the way it has paved the way for a better future and a little extra to have some fun with which I think we deserve. the judge changed it to May because thats when I was prescribed the walker and I didnt have a diagnosis yet so for all those fighting the system keep  your chin up dont give in.

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Kat, that is great news.  I'm glad the judge reviewed the decision and made the change.  I hope the check arrives soon and you are able to find yourself a bit more secure financially.

Congrats, in a strange sort of way.
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Glad it worked out in your favor.

Its bad enough to have to deal with a life changing illness, and the financial ramifications are just salt in the wound. At least you got a bit of ice cream on top!

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Congratulation Kat!  It was a long battle for me too.  *There's was one thing I wished someone had told me:  Save some money to pay the taxes on from the "big check".  I had so many back bills to pay, and I didn't think to ask about it.  I didn't realize disability was taxable.  

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Congrats Kat! That's good news!! Kat and Tammy, did you both use lawyers or do it all on your own?

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Great News.

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Congratulations, Kat !

Its nice to hear when good things happen ....

hugs, meg
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Congratulations Kat! What a great turn of events! I am so glad the date ws pushed back. You deserved it! Don't forget about the taxes as Tammy pointed out.

To Kelly: I did mine through a company called Allsup who does all the work for you,i.e. collecting medical records , filling out SS forms, making sure all dealines are met. They have lawyers in every state to handle the details so that you do not have to attend anything in person. They even calculated the taxes,etc. for me.

The cost is the same since it is set by the Federal govevernment. My disability company actually paid my fee for me sice it lowered their output for my disabilty checks.

I started the application on my own and it's not difficult just time consuming. Allsup kept contacting me and I thought they were telemarketers until someone finally said , "No , your disability company hired us and you have one week to finish filing ,etc. " They did the filing within 48 hrs and kept me abreast of everything and every ruling. If you need more  information , contact info, referral info,etc. PM me.

There are other companies that do this sort of thing as well.Mine was just so personable I really liked them..

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thank you all for the great support

Tammy I will put some away for taxes thanks for the tip

Kelly I used a private attorney he was my physical therapist father in law and he did everything right from the start and the cost is the same so I would shop around and find a private attorney or go with allsup. Just be prepared for a long wait but dont give up
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