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OT spending time with grandson

I have had my grandson Diego who is 8 months old and getting into everything. He is a pleasure to have around, but I forgot how much energy it takes to care for a baby. This is day 3 that I have had him. Mommy and Daddy went camping and to have some alone time.

I do enjoy spending time with him. He really makes me laugh and brightens my day. But I can honesly say that with the constant fatigue I have already, he has completely wore me out. I am so exhausted lol.

Now that he can get around I am constantly up and down which I am sure some of you can relate, is exhausting. He does go to bed around 8:30 or 9 so that helps me get my wits about me again.

He is a blessing and a handful. Grandchildren truly are a blessing, and the best part is you can spoil them and return them to their parents (rotten thing to do isn't it lol)

Anyway that is what the past 3 days have consisted of for me. I just wish this leg of mine wouldn't feel like it is going to snap in to at mid thigh. Not sure what is causing it but all this up and down chasing after him isn't helping. He will be leaving tomorrow and I can see myself laying down the whole day lol.

Have a great day everyone

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Yeah I am not sure how you do it lol. Maybe it is just because I have not taken care of a baby this long in a very long time lol. I would say it is cause I am getting old but I am only 38 so I can't use that excuse.

He is so precious, love him lots. He loves my cat and kitten. They get him moving by running away from him and him chasing after them...well not really chasing lol he does and army crawl, just doesn't want to crawl for some reason but he will do it on his own time. But thankfully my cats just get up and move away from him versus biting or clawing him...i would hate to have to kill a cat lol. Ok so I wouldn't kill them they are like my babies.

I know what you mean about going outside. I can't wait for fall and winter to get here. This has been one heck of a summer.

Take care

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           I bet he is adorable! Yea, I know EXACTLY how you feel, my son is 15 months old and a little terror lol. I very rarely sit down lol. Sometimes i wish though that I could hand him over to his parents and then im like ..oh wait..im his parent. lol. I love my little guy though...does he have a playpen? A bouncer? A walker? Even a high chair and a nice snack, like a banana or something or a couple toys.  All these things can be a great help if you just need a moment to sit down and crash lol. Another way to be able to sit down for a couple minutes is put on his most favorite show.

Ill tell you what..my son doesnt watch a whole lot of tv but when i just cant run after him anymore...on goes the tv and the start of my break lol. Like i just took him outside for awhile and i started getting slower and functioning less so inside we went and dora is on now lol.

Good luck with that grandson of yours!!! Have alot of fun and try to get as much rest as you can!

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