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Off to Butler tomorrow - any messages?

We're heading over to Butler, PA, tomorrow to see DJ (shadowssister) . She continues to struggle and the radiation treatment for her thyroid has really knocked her down and out for a long count.  They were not able to complete the biopsy because of her tracheotomy, so it isn't confirmed that there is cancer involved but they still had to shrink the area so she can breathe better.

She always asks how everyone is doing here, so feel free to give me a quick update I can print out and take along. She continues to be off line because her computer is shot.  We'll see if that problem can be fixed while I'm there.

My DH gets extra props here for being such a kind person and again spending vacation time doing MS related trips.... he already went to Louisville with no complaining.  We'll make an adventure of the trip although the weather forecast is calling for rain. :-(

We'll stop in Wheeling on the way home tomorrow night and spend some down time at the casino.  Wish us luck on all fronts, ok?

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Please send DJ  my thoughts of big hugs even if she cannot physically withstand the real hug. Remind her she is such a brave and caring soul and what an inspiration to us all. I believe we (collectively) would thrown in the towel by now but she keeps coming back , strong in her constitution and showing us what is humanly possible.

I hope the weather cooperates and you have safe travels if DJ feels up to visitors. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts with DJ.


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I think of DJ all the time and am so sorry to hear that she has had another bad event happen. I really wish that things would turn around for her as she truly deserves it. When you talk to her, please send my love and tell her she always in my thoughts and prayers.

I feel bad for not having been in contact with her but I'm working 2 jobs right now and have just been too exhausted. I'll try soon to get hold of her once she is feeling better again.

I'm sorry Lulu that your trip to see her has been postponed as I know she would have enjoyed your visit so much. She always speaks so highly of you and with lots of love. Maybe things will work out for another time.

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That is so sad to hear about DJ.  I know you all were looking forward to seeing each other.  Poor DJ.  She has just had one thing after another.  When you talk to her next time, please send my love and let her know that I miss her very much.  

Who is helping her these days?  Her daughter?  I just pray she will get a bread - not a physical one - someday soon.  

Sorry you guys will have to postpone the trip.  

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There will be no big hugs tomorrow.  DJ just called and told me she had a major spasm episode this morning and injured herself in the bathroom and  she believes she cracked her lower ribs.  The pain is excruciating and the doctors have phoned in meds for her.  

She's afraid that if we make the drive over, she will not be able to visit wth us and will do nothing but sleep.  I have to respect her concerns.  

I am so bummed and so is she, to put it mildly.  We agreed to talk tonight and reassess how she is feeling, but I doubt that she'll want us to come tomorrow, knowing how her body reacts to these drugs.  

I'll still give John that hug, ess. He deserves lots of them.

Maybe we'll still drive over to WVa for the night since I have the room booked - luck has  to be around for someone, right?


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Wish her the best from me and tell her she is in my prayers... Have a safe trip and win BIG!!!!

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Oh yes, another hug for John, who is indeed a nice soul.

Have better luck at the casino than I do!

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Hi, Lu. Give DJ a big hug for me, and tell her I've always appreciated her upbeat replies to my posts.  On second thought, many big hugs.

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