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Off topic: stomache bug

I have a stomach bug.  The 21 mo old has an ear infection, and bacterial pink eye.  It has been a rough Saturday.  My husband came back from business this evening.  Just in time.  Just pray that the Baby and I don't traid germs.
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You poor dear - I'm sorry this has hit you.  But please stick with the copaxone if you can - don't be surprised if this bug throw you into some sort of episode with the MS.  That seems to be what's hitting several people around here lately.

Get some rest and feel better,
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Thank you!  I thought that it might be the Betaseron until i lost my lunch!  Then I realized I really was ill, not just having the "symptoms".  I got sick before my phenegrin could desolve.  Ihad a lite dinner, and anothe rphenegrin.  Now I am looking for simething to eat!  

I am praying that I don't have any MS trouble.  Yesterday, i had a terrible brain fog.  The lights were on and nobody was home.  ALL DAY.  I guess that I was starting to get sick.  Today, after lunch, my eye is "sticking" and lagging behind.  UGGG.  Oh well, at leist my belly is getting better!

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I hope you didn't catch whatever I have over the internet, ha ha.  I'm sorry you're sick, and with a sick little one, too.  Must be really rough.

I have been very "foggy" since I've had my tummy trouble, so maybe it's just a part of the virus or whatever.

I'm glad that your belly is getting better, and also hope you don't get a flare of symptoms.

I was brave this morning and had oatmeal with applesauce, and handled that OK. Last night for dinner I had a banana sandwich on buttermilk toast; not exactly satisfying, but was easy on my stomach.

I plan on going to a home-style restaurant tonight and getting a bowl of their turkey-noodle soup and a whole wheat dinner roll; they make all their stuff from scratch.

They also have a special deal for February; a small piece of cherry pie with ice cream for 22 cents; I should probably avoid it, but will be tempted!

Take care,

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ugh... must be the stomach flu is going around... I seem to have it, or something like it to. Opie, I hope that everyone at your place get's better soon!
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The bug is really going around here in Mardi Gras land!  I did not even go to a parade yet!

I hope that you are over it too.  I would definately have the pie, maybe not the ice cream, but definately the pie!
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I've been eating so little, that when I finished my bowl of turkey noodle soup and giant whole wheat roll, I was too full to eat the cherry pie.  I did have a couple pieces of See's chocolate that I got when I went shopping with my roommate, and it didn't bother my stomach much, so it looks like I'm on the mend.

I did have some sudden vertigo at the mall, like the earth was moving, and it stuck with me for quite a while.  My roommate is used to stuff like this happening to me, so she stayed close by.

Earlier in the day, it felt like my spine was vibrating while I was sitting on the couch; my body does weird stuff!  At least I'm not alone in that!

Oh, I'd love to go to Mardi Gras sometime.  Laissez le bon temps roulez!  Crud, I've been out of French class so long I can't remember my spelling.

be well,

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This October, I went to NYC.  It was pouring down rain.  We went to the Statue and Ellis Island.  I was completely wet.  I used the hand dryer to dry out my socks and shoes.  LOL  COLD and WET!  Did I mention wet?  
Anyway,  I had not been eating well then.  After the statue we went to Ellis Island.  I felt as though the entire island was shaking like it ws built on top of a generator!  That was my first time to have a type of Vertigo.  I had only had an initial Dx at that point, so I thought that it was low blood sugar.  It may have been.  food did help, but not cure it.  

Mardi Grass is really fun!  I lov the orange Moon Pies!  They are my favorite.  When i was a little girl, my aunt would take me to my uncles parade as they were getting on the floats.  He and his friends would give me all og the good stuff before they "rolled."  I guess that has shaped my opinion of Mardi Grass. It can be as clean or as full of party as you want!

Keep on the mend!
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That's quite a word picture; you drying out your socks and shoes with the hand dryer in some bathroom!  :o)  It sounds miserable; cold, wet, and on a shaking island.  Not the kind of memories you want of visiting such amazing historical sites.

My roommate lets me go along on some of her business trips, as the company she works for pays for a room, so all I have to pay is airfare (and she travels so much she often has a free flight on Southwest to give me) and food.

This spring she had a chance between  Boca Raton and New Orleans, and decided that the seminar in Boca Raton was the better choice.  Now she's trying to choose between that one and one in Orlando (Orlando sounds more fun to me).  I was sure interested in New Orleans, but maybe another conference another time.

I'm not the wild partying type, so it's good to know that it's good to know that its not all as decadent as some movies make it out to be.

You and your little one didn't trade germs, did you?  You're both getting well?
I hope so!

Take care,


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We are on the mend.  He has the poops now too, as we toddlers say.  I think that his is from his meds.  He is not eating much, so he may have a little stomach problem. He is eating yogurt.  He thiks that he is getting his favorite disert 3 times a day....Oh well, we all like to be spoiled!

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Hey, that's my middle name!

Hopefully the good stuff in the yogurt will help his stomach problem; toddles poops aren't fun, poor guy!  Spoil him good!

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