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Optic neuritis - did u have this?

Just interested to know if anyone else who has had optic neuritis has this effect in their vision?


What I see in my right eye, is like that picture, it's there all the time, but I don't see it with both eyes open.

They talk about it relating to heat sensitivity MS.

If anyone else has (or had) that, do u have it 24/7 or was it only during an attack. In addition, does heat have any effect making it reappear or making it worse?

Interested to know,
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I can help with this!! I am not dx'd with ms, but I have been dx'd with ON and then with optic neuropathy caused by ON. So, yes, the ON looked like the Wikipedia picture more or less, everything dimmed down, colors not as bright in that eye, and I was constantly thinking I needed to clean my contact lense. This was not what lead me to question though. I first noticed whites seeming yellowish, often reading text, black on white, through one eye. I have also had times when the fall colors look green in the affected eye. A year later I finally saw an opthamologist who dx'd optic neuropathy, with RAPD, pallor of disc and retinal nerve fiber thinning (through OCT scan). This is permanent damage. However, the level of vision in the affected eye differs. Sometime it's barely noticeable, seems to depend on what kind of light situation I am in, at others, especially when I'm hot, the difference between the eyes increases, and the pain on eye movement recurs. I have had stabbing pains in the affected eye. I would definitely second going to an opthamologist and asking for an OCT. I didn't even have to ask tor that - it was done as a matter of course to investigate ON. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions I can help with.
I think, too, if you have had an enhancing lesion, then a neuro would be very interested in that, especially with ON. My neuro is still on the fence, waiting for more evidence, since my "lesions" are non-specific, but he's following me, and treating symptoms.
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Thank you so much! I have been to an opthmalogist, but they didn't have an OCT scanner. My friend recently had an OCT scan of his eyes and has been telling me to find another ophthalmologist who has one.

He has actually been suggesting I find a neuropthalmologist...
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