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Our New Kitten

Hi everybody! I just got a new baby kitten. We don't have her yet but will get her in July. I figured my cat Oreo needed a playmate since he is pretty lazy and likes to lounge around the house all day. Oreo weighs about 26lbs. and needs to move a little so I thought a new kitten would do the trick. Even though Oreo is big, he's a gentle giant.

I think my kids wanted to name the new kitten BOO. She is a Bengal cat. They breed Asian leopards with domesticated cats and the fourth generation is a Bengal. They are similar to dogs. They will fetch and they like the water. They meow like a cat but will also make a "barking" sound. Most people who are allergic to cats aren't allergic to them because there fur is different. I uploaded a picture of our new little girl if anybody wants to see her. The breeder sends me pictures and we go over to see her so she will know who we are before we take her.
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I hope you are enjoying your new Bengal.  We have a four month old one that I got to train as a therapy cat.  She has been wonderful and has been highly trainable.  They are very loving and devoted.
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Ooohh....Bengals can be such wonderful cats!  We have a Bengal-mix rescue.  Our, Clyde, from last fall.  She is a trip.  But, she is lonely and my sister wants a polydactyl (extra toes).  So, this week we'll go to the rescue shelter up the Columbia and check one out.  Yes, that will give us 5 cats, but once you pass 3 or 4, one more doesn't change much.


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Awwww....... how cuuuuuuuuute!!!

That's really interesting about the Bengal cat.   I've never heard of that breed!   That would be so funny to hear her bark like a dog!!!    Also interesting about the allergy thing.

Congrats on your new little "baby"!!!

Take care, Pat :)
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Congrats on the new addition to your family!

Best wishes,
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I was thinking of getting a kitten, but...we have a dog and I don't think he would like a little cute kitten running all over the place...but we would...

sounds like she will be sooooo cute...have fun when you get her


take care

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Congrats on your new little kitten.
My kitty is named Boo Bear, Boo for short.
The reason she has Boo in her name is because she did
the Halloween cat pose all the time she still does!  She is 5 now :)
that is her in my name pic.
Bengal cats are a blast!  Your other kitty will have a best friend soon!
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