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PA won't give MRI results

Hello everyone.  I called the MS specialist yesterday to get my results from the mri of the brain and c spine i had last week.  E secretary at the office said the doctor wasn't in till Wednesday but his PA could give me the results no problem.  Today the PA left a message saying that she was going to have the specialist call me with the results instead tomorrow.  I find this odd when the secretary sounded like the a gave results ll the time.

My question is what does everyone think about that. I am thinking if there was nothing on the MRI, she wouldn't have had any problem telling me.  Now I am guessing what the MRI could show.  He already said he thought I probably had ms.  

My next question is. What would the MRI show that the PA couldn't tell me herself.
I know i already have lesions on the MRI from a couple of months ago that was done without contrast.  
This time I had everything done with and without contrast.

My symptoms have not gone away yet and my legs seem to be getting worse instead of better.  Those myoclonic jerks are off the chart some day.  I am not happy that I probably have ms, but sometimes i am glad its that and not something like ALS.  I dont know why but ALS keeps popping in my head.  I don't know anything about it except from what vie read on line.  Is this strange?

Work is getting harder for me as i seem to be messing stuff up a lot.  Thank God its almost over.  Thursday is our last day.  I have ne mire mass to play at and we are done till September.  I am afraid that if i keep progressing like i am, i may not be able to function by then.  I am already using a walker at night in the house because my legs are shot.

Anyway, please help....I'm stuck in my own head which a very dangerous neighborhood to be in.  LOL!

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Hey Kerri. I think you're reading way too much into the secretary/PA issue. They may just have their wires crossed or something. You already know you have MS-style MRIs, so the most that could happen is that your MRIs are considerably worse. Either that or they're totally clean and a miracle has happened! Not much likelihood of that :-)

In any case, you'll find out tomorrow, so you won't be left dangling, don't worry.

I'm sorry your symptoms continue so severe. It must be very hard to function. Maybe the summertime will be better, since you won't be teaching.

ALS is way worse than MS. Let's all be glad we don't have that.

I'll be thinking of you.

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Thanks.  Just needed a voice of reason.
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It is way too easy to allow our imaginations to run away with us to really terrible places. I hope you can put that ALS idea away, and I mean far away.  

Each office seems to have their own protocol in releasing results.  Perhaps this is just theirs- the doctor talks first before the PA.  

At least you can talk to the neuro tomorrow - WEdnesday is almost here.

be patient,
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I will definitely put the ALS thought away.  I think i just had to say it out loud so you guys can tell me I'm wrong.
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