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Paleo diet ....

We have talked about diet and MS a number of times.  Dr. Terry Wahls took the internet and MS world by storm with her talk about the paleodiet and how it changed her MS.  Recently she did an interview with Stu of Stu's News and Views - a much calmer and indepth discussion than her TedX talk - and thought some of you might be interested in hearing it.  

It is important to note that she does not say she has been cured of MS ........

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I don't even give her a 2nd glance after reading about her original claims.
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ok 2 things
1) SarahL I am fairly new to MS dx so what were her original claim and where did you hear/see them?
2) I have gone Gluten Free and lean towards grain free.  I am almost 8 months in and I actually thing that I feel a lot better eating this way (NOT saying it is a cure all but it is sure a helpful thing)
-------I have actually read some nuro science research articles that support that wheat it self can cause nurological issues.

I do think that diet can affect health more than we realize.  I am totally interested in more information (not that I am going to stop taking my copaxone or do anything crazy!)

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no diet will cure your MS, if so, the MS society would be singing it from the highest hilltop.

That's all I am going to say other than I read all of her original claims and then cleaned it out of my head.  I have to have hard science and I know that MS is not cured by any diet.  Perhaps you might clean up your lifestyle and body functions by following a particular diet that makes you feel better, but it will not make your MS go away.

I will not debate this further and take up forum time and I do not say this disrespectfully.
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Thanks for sharing this Lu.  I enjoyed listening.  No doubt we would all do better if we were more eager to consume healthy foods and less willing to rely on pharmaceutical solutions.  

Personally I have absolutely no doubt diet is a factor in MS.  Unfortunately I have a hard time seeing myself coming anywhere close to achieving compliance with a paleo diet.  I know - I defeat myself.  I've had success controlling some of my symptoms with supplements.  I should just choose ONE small step in the right direction with diet.

One thing that really struck me in this presentation is when Dr. Wahl shared that severe facial pain is what motivates her NOT to cheat - it's the price she would pay for any move she might make off diet.  I've often given thanks that my nerve pain hasn't progressed to an unmanageable level.  I guess that ends up being a mixed blessing as I have to admit - pain is an extremely strong motivator.  Too bad most of us have such a hard time doing the right thing simply because it's right :(

Again, thanks for sharing this.  It offers hope.
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As Lu mentioned Sarah, Dr Wahls doesn't claim to be cured of MS.  In fact, she stated she notices a decline in her abilities when she is fatigued and her PT (or was it a trainer?) is able to detect deficiencies from her MS as well.

We accept limited improvement from lots of therapies (perhaps all of them) despite the fact they are unable to offer cure.  That's what the 'control until the cure comes' strategy is all about - no matter what disease is involved.

I'm unaware of whatever it is that put you off of Dr. Wahls in the past.  Perhaps grandiose claims or states of over-exuberance that could have accompanied her disability reversals?  If she has been able to temper her style these days it appears to be a good thing.  Doing so allows her program of diet and supplements to be tested using reliable scientific standards.  Reproducible results are the thing that will prove - or disprove - her theories.
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I don't knock anything that makes people feel good and live their daily lives better. I do however feel all the hairs stand up on my neck when claims of cure are mentioned from any literature. Not specific to this of course - . Just in general.

My general rule where diets are concerned....If it feels good do it. If it can be proven to cure MS...show me the evidence.

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