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Past LP results

I am gathering all of past medical records to bring to by new neuro appointment.  As I was getting them together and putting them in order, I noticed that the LP results that I had 6 years ago were slightly out of range.  The normal range of glucose in a spinal fluid exam is 40- 70mg/dL.  Mine was 74.  My protein was 28 and within the range of 15-45.  They did note that there were no oligoclonal bands present.  The doctor still listed the LP as negative.  Since I am not a doctor I do not know if a slightly elevated glucose level points to anything.
Does anyone have any input?

To date all of my MRIs (L, T, and C spine) have all been 'normal' and I had a - Lyme test- had lots of other tests in the past almost 7 years too, but these are the main ones.  This is the only thing 'out of wack'.

...Just trying (hoping) to find some answers...

Thanks in advance for any input.

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Looks like you have an explanation for the high glucose and as Ess said, there is no relationship that I know of between MS and glucose levels.

The high RBC was likely due to a "traumatic" tap as Ess had already mentioned.  Teaching hospitals can be a great place for students to learn, but not always great for patients as you have already mentioned.  

Like you, I have to have another LP after the new year and this time I am going to do things differently so I don't go through what I went through last time.  I wish you a better experience next time as well.  

Take care.

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Thank you for your input.  I really appreciate any information that I can get my hands on.
I had the LP done at a teaching hospital- let's just say that I was the Guinnea Pig and will not return there.  Based on the month's worth of splitting headaches taht i had to endure after the procedure, I am not thrilled about the thought of having it done again.
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I haven't heard mention of glucose levels in regard to MS diagnosis. Yours doesn't seem to be much out of range, in any event. Hope someone else knows more on this than I.

However, one of the big reasons for doing an LP is to check its findings against findings in the blood drawn at the same time. So they defeated that purpose.

I can comment on one other thing. There aren't supposed to be red blood cells in your spinal fluid, and when there are, it usually means blood that got in from the puncture itself, so most people have some. Yours is pretty high. Could be that whoever did the LP was particularly inept, could be something more than that that I'm not aware of. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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Thank you for the helpful information.
When I looked back over my records, I noticed that there were no blood tests done on the day that I had the LP.  On the day after the LP my random glucose levels were 113 (the range was 70-105).
I also noticed that my RBCs in my spinal fluid was 93uL and normal is <1mL.  Also, my WBCs were 0/uL (norm range 0-5), my lymphocytes were 0 (norm range 40-80%) and my monocytes were 0 (norm range 15-45%.


Again this really means nothing to me and the doctors did not seem concerned with the results at the time.  Since my current (and much more thorough) doctors are talking about another LP in my near future, I though it best to get these records from the hospital where I had the procedure done.  Since this is the first time I am ever seeing these results, I now have questions.
I am finally getting smart and educating myself to be my own advocate.  I am starting to get some direction and hope to get an answer someday soon.

Until then...thanks to ya'll for your support!

God Bless,
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According to Emedicine, elevated glucose levels in the CSF is a non-specific finding but may indicate that the blood glucose level might have been elevated at the time.  Do you have records of your blood work from that same day?  A blood draw is done on the same day you have your LP so they can perform all the testing concurrently, i.e. blood and spinal fluid.  If you do have the results, see what you glucose levels were.  The glucose level in the CSF should be around 60% of that found in your blood glucose level.  

Hope that helps.
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Hi Crystal,
I'm not  a medical person so I hope someone will come along who can answer your question.  

Who can help?  
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