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Plans for the 4th?

Anybody in the US have any exciting plans for the 4th? I am heading for Boston to watch the fireworks on the St Charles!!! Every year we have watched them on TV and said, "next year, we're gonna go". Well, we're finally going. Just hope there are no wild parties at my house while I'm gone (son turned 21 - yikes!)

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Have a great time.  Firework on the St. Charles !   Oh memories..      I moved to Boston straight out of high school.  Used to watch/listen to The Boston Pops on the SC.

About wild parties at your house , got insurance?  :)

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I can't wait to go.
Yes, the insurance is paid up...hope it won't get canceled anyway after this weekend, lol!

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  Have a great time and a safe trip. Watching fireworks on the St. Charles in Boston, a place so rich in the birth of this country. It sounds like a great weekend. All the best to you and the family. Good luck with the 21 year old. Scary thing. It seems to remind you of your growing up days and scares you even more Huh??
Best of Luck. Be safe in your travels.
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OHHHHHHHH have a greeeeaaaaaaaat time!!!  HOw fun!!!!!!

For me first of all I get the day off,,,, yeeeeeeeepeeeeeeee!!!!!

so we are all going to moms, fireworks, good food, games, good company what else could I ask for?????

I'm excited!!!

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC 4th,,,

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We have some nice plans, as well.  Tomorrow we'll have a BBQ with hubby's boss and LOVELY family with fireworks from his backyard -- hopefully many illegal ones -- you know the kind.

Saturday, we'll swim at my sister-in-law's (she's also my cousin -- sounds illegal, too, doesn't it?) and BBQ there.  The boys adore her and her husband, who is my hubby's brother.  Complicated, yet simple.

Sunday is church and family dinner with my parents coming over.  Monday I just work a half day.  

I'm looking forward to having hubby home for so long.  

Glad you all have such nice plans, too.  And that Ray has the day OFF!  Yea!

Stay safe, everyone!  Hope everyone who is having a quiet 4th stays safe, too!


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