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Pneumonia and MS?

Hi all,

I haven't been on for a while, and if this question has already been answered Forgive me please.

My question is with Pneumonia and Multiple sclerosis,  I had pneumonia twice last year and now it seems I have it again.  I feel horrible and the numbness, fatigue, weakness is back full force.  what do you think?

Thank you
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Hi Ray,

I don't recall this Q appearing before, and think the lack of response is likely due to others also not knowing the answer.  Sorry to not be of more help.  

Will you get tested to know for sure if you currently have pneuminia?

I know others in general often relate to having any illness, or even PMS, cause heightend symptoms, in both dx and no-dx folks.  That's about all I can offer.

Hopefully someone else who may know more will see your post?

Take care
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I have asthma and so pneumonia can really do me in. Pneumonia makes you tired regardless of what other illnesses you may have and can take a long time to really fully recover from. Any time you have a fever that raises your core body temp you are at risk of a flare up of symptoms, not to mention the stress of an illness on your body. You will probably need even more rest than usual. I think because antibiotics work so well on it, we tend to think of pneumonia sometimes as just a really bad cold, but it is a serious kind of thing and can cause scar tissue in your lungs if I remember right. So, crawl back into bed, drink lots and lots of fluids and don't rush your recovery. That's just my voice of experience talking - I'm no expert!!
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Hi Ray,
I don't know if the pneumonia and MS are related or if you have two separate things going on .... probably two different things.  

there is a pneumonia vaccine, and if you haven't had it, I would defnitely ask your doctor to give it to you.  I think it protects you for 10 years, but I may be wrong. I just got it this year after my heart attack (heart patients ARE more susceptible to pneumonia).

Be well, Lulu
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I used to get a chest cold every three months.  This was back when i was having a lot of back pain, and my left leg was giving me trouble - swelling up and not working very well.  It took me a long time to recover from the cold, and then it seemed like I'd get another one right away.  I was also having these esophageal spasms at the same time.

Since I've been suspecting spinal cord involvement, I've done some research, and it sounds like damage to the spinal cord can cause trouble with breathing and gastric reflux.  (Among many other things!)  So I would say that if you have damage in that area, then you're more susceptible to catching a chest cold.
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Have you looked into this?

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thanks soonermom for giving us that link.  I read it, now wonder if any further studies were done as recommended ?  Be well, Lulu
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Thank you so much for your responses.  I have a hard time making myself clear...... heck today I learned that my post's were not getting deleted lolol,,,,  for the longest time I thought my posts were getting deleted.  Made me feel bad,,,, but..... today this morning I looked at the bottom of the page and it says 1234 etc,,,,, HELLO,, Yea i know i'm a little slow lol

anyway what I meant is if you get pneumonia  does it make your signs and symptoms worse??  because mine are threw the roof.  I'm so weak and the numbness and tingling is back FULL FORSE.  also I have pneumonia twice last year and now here I am again.

anyway that's what I meant.

Thank you so much
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Oh, yeah.  Whenever I get sick - officially sick, like with a virus, I have a mini-flare.  Last time I had the flu, I was sick for a week, then I had a flare, which lasted for about four days.  Not fun!
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Hi Ray,
Although I am not a medical person, I am going to venture out with my opinion and say yes.  If I understand correctly, any type of illness that is an infection can mess with our immune system response, and cause a flare.  I hope you feel better soon....

And be sure you have the pneumonia vaccine,
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