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Polly the Amazing Service Dog

Well it is my third anniversary with Polly. I drove up to Virginia to meet Polly. It was love at first sight for her and Dante. Up to that time Dante hated every dog he met. I was thinking Polly would make a great therapy dog visiting folks.

We started training. Everyone  in class hated us because it seemed so easy. They were yelling at their pooches and we glided along silently.

I decided to try for her Canine Good Citizenship. The trick was the long distance recall. See I can't call Polly. She is 20 feet away and I signal after she has been put in a stay and she had to figure out to break the stay and come straight to me. She did it. The rest of the test was a piece of cake.

I went to enroll in therapy dog training. They would not take her. They insisted on clicker training. She can't hear a clicker.

I find out a further blow. The Dalmatian Club of America says she and her kind have to be destroyed. Oh I am not joking. You do not dare tell someone seriously in Dalmatians you have a deaf dog. They are untrustworthy, untrainable, unhappy beasts, who in the end bring heart ache. Rubbish I have known other happy deaf Dalmatians.

As I find I have MS and start to have trouble with mobility I examine what is needed for a Service Dog. I start training Polly and she takes to it like a duck to water. We go everywhere and are welcome everywhere because she is great. She makes my life so much easier.

So as I watch the Westminster Dog Show Dalmatians on the Web  this Monday, I know they are awesome dogs, but not more awesome than Polly the Service Dog who has overcome being born deaf to help a human navigate the world with MS.

When I get down I look at Polly the personification of joy and think live in the moment, live in love.

Happy Valentine's Day,
Alex and Polly

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Polly and you are both lucky to have found each other. Thanks for sharing the background on how Polly found you!  

Enjoy the day with your sweetheart!
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What a great story and tribute to Polly as well as a salute to your unconditional love for Polly and all animals. She is indeed a shining star who has proven that handicaps should never be judged by others as every living thing has something to offer the world.

Thank you for sharing this with us this Valentine weekend and showing us what love is really all about....unconditional acceptance of one regardless of their flaws.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Polly and the rest of your four legged family (and DH-don't want to leave him out)!

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You and Polly have developed a bond that nothing will come between.  I think was meant to be that you both be together.  She has developed into quite a service dog and that is due to the training she has received and the absolute unconditional love and devotion you both have for each other.  

I know you both will have many, many years of love and valuable service with each other.  You need and and she needs you.  What more can you say about the perfect relationship.  

Love to both of you.

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Lucky lady, lucky dog!
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I so admire your attitude and am a bit envious of your wonderful relationship with Polly.  You are both so lucky to have each other...

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My attitude stinks of late. Polly looked at me today and barked. She said come on we are going for a walk. We walked and as a reward I let Polly meet a group of young girls. 4 of them descended on Polly. The parents were horrified they would freak Polly out. Polly loved it.

How can I feel sorry for myself with my Goofy Girl, enjoying life so much?
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I guess you can feel sorry for yourself, then when Polly thinks you've had enough and tells you so, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get on with enjoying life in the moment.  What a lovely friend!

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I'm thinking of reading this post out loud to Annie & Bandit, the tiny twin terrorists.  Think they'd listen?

Congrats, Alex.  She is another wonder in a wonderful life.
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