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Possible MS symptoms?

Over the past two months, I have had two separate "batches" of symptoms that completely puzzled me and which have not happened before.  Two months ago, I experienced a tight squeezing pain around my chest (more prominent on one side than the other) which lasted for about three days.  It was never a sharp pain and I did have an EKG to rule out a heart issue.  Within a day or two of that occurring, I experienced gait issues--bumping into things and people on a wide open sidewalk in broad daylight, stubbing my toe repeatedly, and tripping several times over my own feet.  In the weeklong period, I also experienced dizziness.  Fast forward five weeks and I experienced what felt like pins and needles from the inside out down both arms into my hands.  It started on the left side but both sides were affected for several days.  It felt like that "coming out of numbness" feeling that is warm and buzzing and tingling--except that it never stopped completely and my arms/hands never felt fully "awake".  I also experienced the sensation in my feet and right leg intermittently.  Finally, during that same week, I experienced several times where I couldn't find the words I needed when I had just reviewed information recently and have never had issues remembering anything.  In fact, my family jokes that I am the resident historian because of my excellent memory.  As a teacher, it was frustrating because I couldn't complete instructions or explain simple things to my students all that week.  The fatigue and heaviness I felt in my arms that week was unlike anything I have every had before.

My GP ran comprehensive bloodwork which all came back normal.  At first she suspected that thyroid meds might be off.  Since all was normal, including xrays and an EKG, I am trying to determine what the next step is.  

Thank you in advance for your help.
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The good new maybe is that it probably isn't MS as MS almost always starts on only one side of the body. But it does sound somewhat like something neurological is going on. With that said, has your GP done a neurological exam? If not I would push to have your GP do one or at least send you to a Neurologist to have one done. There are a lot of other diseases that mimic the symptoms of MS.

A lot of illnesses are copy cats of others.  Look at Issacs disease I have that and its a copy of some MS symptoms.  Ive set up a facebook with links.  Look if you fancy, it is named Issacs disease. :-)
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