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I was wondering if it is normal for you to have a MRI after a major episode. My dr has not said anything about it but wouldn't you guys think that one would be needed? I would feel better knowing where I am as far as progression. Also the numbness that I had on the right side of my face has now turned into pain. The pain is not all of the time but sometimes it is intense and my hands hurt. Does anyone think this is related or am I just feeling everything post episode because this one scared me so bad. I don't want to be a pest to the dr's office because the lady that answers the phone seems to get irratated when I call. Sometimes I feel powerless in my medical care.

Christy D

Oh Greenville SC is NOT all farm land. It is a pretty good size city and the picture is at my family's farm in the country. The cows that you see are pets, they follow you around like puppies wanting attention and sweet feed.
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And I hit "post" before I added that you need to step up to the intimidation at your doctor's office.  This is your life and you need to be proactive and question and not be scared off by some cold office staff member.  So what if she is irritated - that is her mood and her problem  - don't let her make it your problem too.

I was just in the Greenville area this August - it is lovely and quite the tech center.  And we were there in the peak of peach season and brought home the absolute best peaches I have ever eaten.  So you have the best of both worlds in your area - urban and rural.  Lu
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Hi Christy,
My first instinct, which may be entirely wrong and someone will tell me if I am, is the followup MRI while maybe reassuring or informative, won't really have a bearing on the treatment you receive.  

The symptoms are what tells you the progression of your disease and not the lesions themselves.  You can have lots of lesions like I do and have few symtoms.  or you can have just a few lesions but if they are in the right place they can reak major havoc.  

This is a good question and if no one knows and answer for sure I will try to remember to ask my neuro when I see him the end of this month.

Any one else have some input?
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My doctor scheduled me for a cervical and thoracic MRI after my myoclonic jerks of the spine.  Of course he put me on a .7 Tesla, which was useless!  But I think it would be normal for the doctor to check your brain for new lesions.
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