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Post LP headache

How long does this headache usually last?  I had my LP done Thursday and today (Sunday) I am still unable to be up for very long without having to lay down. It's miserable. :( It hurts at the base of my skull and radiates down into my shoulders and up into my forehead and sinus areas.

I've been trying to stay laid down but I started wondering if that is what is causing the headache....you know, just laying around too much. but it feels better when I lay down. When I got up this morning it started hurting as soon as I sat up out of bed.

I'm drinking lots of fluids, lots of caffeine, and taking Tylenol for pain (the only thing I can take) and nothing is touching it, except when I lay down I feel better. Blech.


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Laying around gives me a headache too.

The leak is much different. It's like a vice grip when you get up - literally.

If this isn't happening, then perhaps it is from not moving about like you usually do.

However, you mention that when you lay down it subsides. This is a classic sign lady.  I suggest giving the doc a call, and staying flat. My orders from the doc (my leak started on the monday after my LP on Friday - so 3rd day after) were to stay flat for 24 hours. I did it even longer for good measure except for eating, drinking and using the potty.

It can seal back up - Hope this helps!
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Yep when I first get up it hurts for a few seconds, then subsides or gets tolerable,(maybe this is from laying around too much) but then after I've been up for very long (just sitting upright, not doing anything strenuous) it becomes unbearable until I lay back down flat (sounds like from the LP).  So I think its pain coming from both.
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May be best stay flat today :(
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we are in the same boat, I am having the same issue.  If I am upright for longer than 5 or 10 min that headache kicks in and I have to lay down.  I thought the same thing of maybe it's all this laying around but I don't think so.  

My headache is concentrated on the right side of my head though.  I tried some Excedrin Tension Headache because it has caffeine in it, but no relief...only laying flat helps. And still drinking lots of water and my crystal light energy packets w/caffeine.  

I am hoping I can return to work tomorrow, I am an RN in a peds office and on my feet all day :o/  

Good Luck GrannyKay...hope you start feeling better too!  

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I think it's different for everyone. Some people are fine the next day or later that day, some people are down and out for a week.

The procedure itself went fine for me and I felt okay that day when I left, but by the time I got home it was an entirely different story.

I wonder if I actually may have had a CSF leak because I couldn't sit up for a week or even sit propped up. I thought that I would miss a day of work and I missed an entire week. I went back in once for a blood patch but they didn't think that I was acting like I had severe enough head pain for a CSF leak (However I get chronic and severe migraines and have a decent pain tolerance). By the time I got back to the car and part way home, I was withering in pain and in tears. Just sitting up in the car was too much.

I didn't feel pain free for about 2 weeks. I never did have the blood patch. I drank lots of Coca-Cola and lots of water. I did take some Vicodin left over from another procedure out of desperation.

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Ladies - subsiding when laying flat, only to return when standing tells all. Please call your docs and know it's probably a leak that can seal back up by laying flat or, if needed, blood patch.
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Oh no.  I'm sorry to hear that you got the dreaded headache.  I had my LP done on a Wednesday and the headache started the following day.  Unfortunately my headache lasted about a week and a half.  It started to slowly get a little better at about the week mark but only better enough to move from bed to a fully reclined recliner.

I had gone to the hospital but wasn't given any treatment that helped (they gave me migraine meds).  I'm in a smaller city in Canada though and I think they offer much better treatments in other cities / countries.

I hope you start to feel better soon.  I can definitely sympathize with you.

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How are things going today GK?
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I don't know why I didn't see all these responses before now. Thank you all.

Today the pain has been unbearable, whether I'm laying down or not. It is a little bit better laying down. My hubby put a call in to the chiropractor who suggested I sit in a recliner with an icepack on my neck. I did that and I feel a lot better. I still feel really shaky, but I'm hoping that's just residual like how you feel after a migraine.

I also had some pretty major gastro issues throughout the night last night and today also and I'm wondering if all of the stress on my body sent me into an IBD attack or something. Sheesh.

I did put a call in to my neuro. The nurse returned my call and said she would let my doctor know and see what she said, but I never heard back.

Maracamama, mine was the same....it didn't really start until the following day.

Bubbles, I hope you were feeling better today and able to work pain free!

Thanks again all of you.
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