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Potential MS? Searching for Guidance.

Hi all, I'm a new member and this is my first post here.  I enjoy online communities and am looking forward to contributing here; it seems to be a very friendly place.  

I'm probably in a roughly similar position to many other first-time posters here; my proximate motivation is to gain some potential guidance and/or information starting from my laundry list of symptoms.  I'm 22 years of age, 175 lbs. male, with no family history of related disease.  

Here is an overview:

~ 2.5 years ago:
- fasciculations in calf muscles (weekly)
- calf soreness and tenderness after normal activity (daily walking across campus, ~ .5 miles per day)
- saw generalist, did routine blood work; everything normal

1 year ago:
- frequent hip joint soreness after normal daily activity
- frequent full leg (knee joint, thigh, calf) soreness after more active but still normal activity days (e.g., walking long distances across campus)
- infrequent fasciculations
- shoulder soreness without apparent aggravation
- pain in lower abdomen during running; began exercising on stationary bike instead
- no unusual calf soreness or tenderness

2 months ago - now:
- severe knee and thigh soreness & tenderness after normal activity and light exercise (squats), lasting about a week
- frequent severe abdominal/side soreness & tenderness (even from light touching such as hugs), and sometimes without any apparent aggravator
- frequent (daily) fasciculations in calves, and above knee joint
- hip joint soreness after normal daily activity, which doesn't include much exercise
- infrequent shoulder & back soreness
- potentia cognitive dysfunction (disorientation, uncommunicative, emotionally volatile, difficulty spelling)
- severe anxiety
- normal reflexes
- normal blood work

I have seen several generalists about these problems but haven't received much guidance.  Obviously referral to a neurologist is my next step and I'm slated to see one soon.  I wouldn't mind receiving some guidance and/or helpful info before I go.  Any comments are appreciated, and if anyone has questions, I'll gladly respond.  Thanks so much for your help.
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Hi and welcome to the forum, you will find alot of helpful advice here.

I would reccommend that you take this timeline with you to see the neuro and any and all test results that you have had. If you don't have the results then get them from your doctor. The more info you go in with will put your neuro more in the right direction of what to look for.

Keep your words small when you go to see him cause if you go in saying you think you have Multiple Sclerosis then that will be the first thing that the neuro will blow off cause he will think you just want a diagnosis.

If MS is what you are looking at then please be advised that it takes a long time to dx MS and it is a disease of ruling out all other things first. So there will be a long road of tests ahead of you that is why I said to take any results that you may already have.

Good luck to you and keep us informed of what is going on.

Take Care,
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Just to welcome you to the forum and to say I am sorry that you have been experiencing all these symptoms. It is so worrying being in that unknown "limbo" state when your body is developing unexplained symptoms.

All I can say is try not to let irrational thoughts run away with you as there are many conditions that mimic MS. I was unclear whether your symptoms were in both sides of your body or just one as it is unusual in MS for things to happen in both sides of the body at the same time as it depends where the lesions are.  Anyhow keep a clear simple log of what has been going on highlighting precise areas e.g. left leg or right hand etc.

I hope that your get an appointment with a neuro soon and wish you strength along your journey. Keep us posted

Best wishes

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