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Progressive MS and Concern for Insurance Company

I have heard that if our MS neuro were to document that our MD is in the progressive stage that insurance companies will see that as a way for getting out of covering our DMDSs. Has anyone experienced that or know how I can find out?  I may be facing this issue and obviously don't want ti ask my insurance company, possibly raising a red flag on my case. I are irate your thoughts and advice.
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I'm not sure how they are going to work that one out.  They certainly won't admit it I am guessing.  I know when I was searching for "gap" insurance, the big thing with them was kidney dialysis.

However if you are on meds already, not sure how they can change it.  As long as you have no coverage gaps, and I don't remember where, but for example, there are studies that Tysabri is now being used (along with another drug but can't rememer that name) for progressive MS.  I will have to look into it, on the quiet side.

It being that the week-end is almost over, maybe someone with more current knowledge would chime in!  This will at least get you bumped back up.  Have you googled it?
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Thanks for your perspective.  

Its hard enough to be tild by a neurobthat toy may be progressing, but even worse doe me was to  worry what this would dobto my furure access to rrearment.  I was discharged from hosputal last week and the main concern u expressed to the neuro team was that they n holding Tysab as oyr kast resirt drug,NOT put anything in my patient records that mentions anything about progression. They agreed so that this can be discussed euro my neuro. It is a slippery slope with insurance companies.

You are right about the Tysabri and it's use for progressive MS.  Rendean told me the same thing. We have been holding this drug in our back picket. I think my neuro is going to finally put me on it.  I hope it works because I can't keep having   1-2 big relapses a year.

Thanks again for your response.

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Everyone with MS is progressing, albeit some faster than others :-)

My initial DX was SPMS. I was started on Tysabri right away. I'm not sure what was written on the insurance claim forms, as my Doc's office handled all of that.

I do know that Tysabri seems to be keeping the wolf at bay. I have had no relapses since I started.

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