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Psychiatric Manifestations of Multiple Sclerosis

I just  wanted  to say hi to all  , and  add  very interesting  article , which some  of  you may  find  very interesting .
I  am  not  Dx  , although  I was  once  , by  MS  specialist , than  he was  not  sure about his own conclusion  . Than  my  second  Neuro  wanted  to see  me  on DMD , regardless of  next  MRI results , only  to  back  off  upon new radiologist  reading  which  stated  - no  significant  changes  comparing  with  previous  08 study -' . I have not been Dx , because  I don't display  visible  changes  or  to say precisely  left over  from previous exacerbation , or additional  lesions  load  on  my MRI . I do have  cervical lesion and  thoracic , if  I can trust the opinion of
the Neuro  doc  who is  old  and  spent  last  50 years dealing with  radiology images and neurological diseases .
My MRI  and  some neurological  examination consistent with MS as stated by MS  specialist .
I  also  have nystagmus , anisocoria , positive Romberg . All  other tests typical in MS probability  were conducted and  all  are  clear  and  negative .
There is not much  more I could  test . I am looking  for  a Neuro doctor  who  can listen and  think  in the same  time , maybe even  take  some  notes , since  some of them don't remember what they say .
I am 52 years old  from  north European country , and  I am fighting  depression caused directly by changes in my brain , since 20 years , way before  I knew  what  MS is , much  less  that I may have it .
Here is this article , which I  find extremely helpful .

Thank you all for  reading .
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I read the article and found it very interesting.  I wonder what the clinical psychologist I see would think of this article. I may print it out and take it to him.  My largest lesion is in my left frontal lobe.


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Yes , this is very good idea .  My  largest lesion  about  1cm is also  in the  left frontal lobe . Than  I also  have three or four  other area of multiple signal of   hyperintensity .
Thank you saveone
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that's interesting. most of mine are around ventricle, but there is one in frontal lobe.   and I just had a post about feeling crummy in that regard.

I had a serious struggle with depression when I was 13 too.  Like severe, I had to go to inpatient treatment.

I wonder if something wasn't going on then.
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Depression and MS go hand in hand.  The debate could go on and on about which came first - I would venture a very uneducated guess that both ways can be correct.

MS and the deterioration of our brains may cause the physical and chemical changes that produce depression.  

Knowing that we have MS and experiencing our physical changes can also produce depression.  

I think this falls into the ageless argument- which came first? The chicken or the egg?

Good luck with your continued search for answers - stay in touch, ok?

PS I'm sure there has to be more recent research than this piece from 1996 -does anyone with some spare time want  to go searching?  
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I found this very interesting.  I have never been an anxious or depressed type of person, but in the last 2 years I have had 2 episodes of severe anxiety that I have attributed to taking a new medication.  Makes me wonder if it isn't just another symptom....

I saw an article on WebMD (I think), that said a lot of the same things that this article said.  That depression with MS can be organic (damage to the brain) OR situational (a byproduct of having a chronic illness).  Regardless of the cause, it is treated in the same way.

I will see if I can come up with some newer research - or even see if I can find a different perspective on the subject.

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Thank you Lulu ,
I am  still looking  for  answer . The  road  to  dx  is not  always  easy . I don't  want to have  MS , but  I want  to know  what  causes  multiple lesions  on my brain .
I  keep  in  touch .
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